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The rapidly changing business environment has been intensifying competition and creating a steady pressure to constantly transforming structural unites in order to survive. In this scenario human resources practices, processes and techniques is an indeed approach used by the organization to evaluating and retaining the creative workforce.

Several attempts have been made by the Apple Inc. whose headquartered in Cupertino, California to seize the creativity and innovation among employees. Apple is well known for its size and revenues. To make innovation-oriented firm, HR strategies of Apple emphasizes investing human capitals, approval or disapproval of group members and participation in decision making committing to team development (Lordkipanidze, 2019).

From recruitment to balancing talent management, Apple focuses on the candidate who is hardworking, loyal and derives every precise detail perfectly. Finally, the best HR strategies always stay focused on getting the best performance from their employee. The purpose of this article is to explore HR strategies of Apple, company culture and its progressive nature within Silicon Valley.

Organizational Innovation-

Apple Inc. is a leading digital asset considerably 40% more productive than an average company.  As said by Mankins, “Apple 600 engineers perceived less than two years to develop debug, deploy iOS10 contrast to 10000 Microsoft engineers in Five years. As per online essay writer, This difference is a way predicts the role of the star player employee’s flexibility regarding work.

A great reputation of Apple in the tech industry enabled it to recruit highly-skilled, innovative and creative employee to attain success. Organization work in dynamic environment adopts innovation approaches that were later refined into selective hiring, performance reward, and 360-degree evaluation (Fedorova, 2019).

Amid hiring competent employees, Apple’s organization esteem includes openness, condition, incorporation, provider obligation and decent variety. Apple believes that innovation is open to everyone, for instance, Apple watch has sprung up to wheelchair clients. This makes Apple to create performance-based opportunities for their employee whose innovation is available for everyone.

Human Resources Strategies-

The HR strategies of Apple always seem to hire a diverse, independent, talented employee who doesn’t need direction.  Apple follows non egalitarian methods which suggest Apple fills 95% of the roles that are critical to business success through A quality (Vozz, 2017).  By knowing the importance of full-time work execution, Apple has developed a broad and focused advantages bundle for its corporate representatives with self-awareness programs. This imprints Apple willingness to be the best tech company in the world, by allowing great ideas for the company.

Apple’s most of the employee provided with training once they joined the company. It has made no expense policy inspires employee to perform better than the rest. Apple reinforces employee to build self -reliant and skills by their own that periodically emerges as a big addition to the company. In accordance to assignment help experts, Agility is one of the other factors works behind the grasping the real talent. The company makes sure employee prepare themselves not only physically but also mentally to jump over from one bigger project to another. The entire team member is competing with each other to innovate something big and highly advantageous that makes them self efficient.

Cultural Values And Employee Growth

Apple is one of the biggest job creator in the US provides 2 million jobs in 50 states. The entire industry is build around app design and development and created 1530000 US jobs supported by Apple store(Apple, 2019). Additionally 50,000 iPods supports 200 employees to work efficiently with no paperwork. There is a place for every kind of employee matching up designer, marketer, hardware and software engineers, scientist and many more at an unprecedented level. Also, there has been an increased 1500% growth in US employee recorded since 1998.

Source- Glassdoor, Kaggle databases 2019- Employee reviews

As per Andres Vourakis, apple is becoming talent magnets offering high salaries cultural environment. When it is analyzed the 67k reviews of employee, it is found that they rated 4.2 star to the core principle and ideals of Apple. Some essay writing help experts said, company offers adequate opportunities to its employees and looks over if employee shares company’s vision and must be fully committed or not.

Strategic Human Resource Activities

1. Selection And Recruitment

Apple focuses on its primary objective of hiring the talented and right candidate. The selection process is based on verbal communication by identifying the person who hold out of the box thinking and ready to commit himself or herself to the company. 

2. Forcing Unique Thinking 

Apple provides a considerable amount of opportunities to its employee to develop prospective careers. The intern who showed high performance will automatically get hired. In fact to force free-thinking, designing team are allowed to attend the meeting twice in a week. This led anyone to brainstorm and about the ideas changes which can be made (Schaarschmidt, 2019). 

3.Employee Rewarding And Appreciation-

Apple runs APPLE FELLOW PROGRAM to recognized employee major contribution to the company. Those employees are rewarded and later on designated as leaders. This is how the company appreciates employee contribution who became a star player (Sharma, 2019).

4. Benefits And Compensation-

To attract talented staff, apple provides competitive packages, flex benefits, periodical stock grants for their contribution to the company. They are also entitled to the products discounts.


Through the above information we can conclude, Apple focuses on the candidate who is hardworking, loyal and derives every precise detail perfectly. For adhering its working culture, Apple’s most of the employee is provided with training once they joined the company. This organization work in dynamic environment adopts innovation approaches that were later refined into selective hiring, performance reward, and 360-degree evaluation. The entire team member is competing with each other to innovate highly advantageous product that makes them self efficient. Company also created a culture to identify the person who holds out of the box thinking and led anyone to brainstorm and about the ideas changes. This makes Apple to create performance-based opportunities for their employee whose invented product inspired him to perform better than the rest. 

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