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The discussion section could be the most challenging segment of research paper writing as it requires interlinking of the findings, interpretation of the result to derive the conventional outcomes. Discussion can be started with the summary or the objective of integrating theories within the context of the study.

Basically, the purpose of the discussion is to tell the significance of the findings being investigated and the results that emerged from the research. The discussion must be connective to the introduction explains the literature reviews and advanced the reader’s understanding regarding the research problem in a sophisticated manner.

How Should Discussion Be Formulated?

Generally, the discussion should not exceed more than 6-7 paragraphs. Sometimes it depends on the structuring of the paper.  Each paragraph should not contain more than 200 words. Hence the entire segment of discussion must encompass the core purpose of conducting research and why it is important. On that note, A discussion can be written in 3 paragraph-

  1. Introductory paragraph
  2. Intermediate paragraph
  3. Conclusion paragraph

Introductory Paragraph

The introductory paragraph entails the main idea of performing a study. An Introductory paragraph must address the following questions-

  1. What is the issue for which research has been done ?
  2. What will be the solution to the problem?
  3. What are the issues arising from the study? 
  4.  How author’s research contributes to identifying the solution of a problem.

According to the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, It is advised to summarize the experiments finding in the first paragraph ( O. Sanli,  2013)

Note- don’t repeat the same statement of the introduction. The problem should be analyzed empirically to the findings.

Intermediate Paragraph

The main topic should be discussed in this section but not in brief. Here in this paragraph the importance of the study and problem is being addressed by the author. As per the essay writereach paragraph must be opened with the indisputable introductory sentences describes what the researchers conclude. 

Subsequently, the new ideas and recommended solution will be addressed ending up at the concluding remark. 

Conclusion Paragraph

Shredding the light on the evidence that leads to the conclusion of the research must cover the recommended solution to the research problem. The discussion should be proceeded chronologically or contain case studies. Indeed the last paragraph must have main claim made by the researcher along with assertive statements. This will provide the limiting factors of the study that will be directed by the reviewers of the journals (RV Labree 2020)

Significance Of A Good Discussion

The discussion considered the most significant part of the research summarized the aim and objectives in a concise manner. According to the assignment writerthe main aspects of the good discussion are-

  • Discussion helps to develop the creative solution the problem based on the logical sequences and to adhere deep understanding of the topic.
  • It presents the underlying solutions and notes the possible implication of the areas of the study. 
  • It states how the findings fill the gap of the literature that has not explored.
  • This will represent the core purpose of the analytical study and engage the readers to think critically.

General Rules And Writing Styles For Discussion

  1. Be concise and state clear objectives.
  2. Follow logical sequences of the events or drawn the sentences chronologically. 
  3. Don’t use repeat introductory sentences
  4. Avoid using undefined technical language 

Content Of The Discussion Must Posses-

  1. Explanation- Note the startling pattern or trends emerged from the findings to explain the result contributing to the solution of the research question. 
  2. References- Use previous year study to support the claim that you have made through the study. This will include the citation already done in the literature review. 
  3. Deduction- Propose a recommendation that can improve the current situation or highlight the best practices.

Overall Objective Of Discussion

Explain The Major Findings-

Write a direct, succinct announcement of the study result along with the major findings of the research ( Molecular bioscience report . 2016)

Scrutinize The Importance Of The Findings-

According to assignment help experts, systematically state the underlying meaning of the findings and represent the claim for why your findings are important. This will helps the readers to analyze the research work.

Connect Study With The Previous One

Connecting the findings from prior research serves as the motivation for the research. This is important as comparing and contras study highlights how the present study differs from the previous one.

Make A Suggestion For Further Study

Even if your study gives insights about the research work, make some suggestions for further research. Reveal previous hidden answered questions that form during the research procedure. It is crucial to define how the protocols could be improved. 

Common Mistakes While Writing The Discussion Section-

As per online assignment help experts, the most common mistakes one can do while writing discussion is using enormous literature references. Meanwhile, another thing is related to the placement of the words. In discussion every word is counted, hence using any jargon or untechnical language that disrupts the discussion flow. 


Discussion elaborates results of the experiments as well as how an author interprets the result. That is why it is considered as one of the challenging segment of the research paper. Basically, the purpose of the discussion is to tell the significance of the findings being investigated and the results that emerged from the research. Discussion interlinks previous year study to support the claim that the author made while research. This will include the citation already done in the literature review that must be connective to the introduction. The discussion should be proceeded in the direction from past to present or from a few case studies to more. Indeed the last paragraph must have strong points made by the researcher along with assertive statements. Meanwhile, In discussion every word is counted, hence using any jargon or untechnical language disrupts the discussion flow.


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