How Technology Has An Impact On The Education Field

Technology Impact on Education

The prevalence of rapidly evolving technology affects human societies for a long period. As technology is continuously updating, manual changes and opportunities added to the education affected the way things taught in the classrooms. Most material is being in used to provide classroom learning are resulted from innovation. Dating back100 years, traditional methods influenced the way of teaching to a great extent, but as technology are accepting in education, scheduling of tasks and activities now assigned with technology application. All these things are closely related to the change in the role of teachers and learners and their preferences. As per the study of common science media, computer use is persuasive among growing adult. It has been found in a study, 90% of the students of 5 to 8 years are using a computer in classrooms. That means if the technology is incorporated for the study purpose, this could release productive results, but if it uses fun and entertainment, there could be a chance of reoccurring security issues. On that note, according to the pew report, 15% of students are surveyed have been bullied while using social media network. This arises the potential challenges for educators and students too as said by online essay writer. The purpose of this article is to cover those aspects that entail in brief how technology impacts educational field.

Positive Effects Of Technology On Education

Amid growing competition in an education sphere, getting the right guidance is equally important. Today’s students not only have access to technology in their classroom but also they are provided with research tools to enhance their learning capabilities. In past, students might have gone to miles of distances to pursue education, ever since technology progressed now it becomes easier for the educators to solve the travelling issues. This came in the form of corresponding courses where a learner gets the access of the classroom while staying anywhere (McCoy, 2019). In the given below sections, numerous benefits of technology incorporation within the education system is highlighted that covers the fine details of its progressions-

Increased E learning Platforms

There is no doubt, technology has profoundly changed the education system. The eminence of traditional learning is hugely affected by increasing e-learning platforms. This enhances the opportunities and expansion of education on the same platforms and providing education access to those who are not enrolled in universities. As suggested by assignment help experts, this step helps educators to meet the global education goals counterparts through videoconferencing and connecting students staying across the globe.

Using Internet Connection To Provide Round The Clock Connectivity

Digital footprints inside the education sphere penetrate digital media inside education. Top institutes offer an online degree to students who are seeking flexible learning space. In the former education of training, education provided used to create things differently however the modern perspective lies towards creating curiosity in students mind. In either case, technology can be used to understand the concepts better. Despite the security, the internet seems like a blessing as it allows students to find a convenient mode of learning. It makes students excited about learning things belonging to their concepts.

Projectors And Visual Appearance

The digital revolution freshens by the learning prospectus. Most of the educators used projects or try to showcase visual images of the particular concepts to bring the state of innovative art inside education. As it is said by essay help experts, using projectors and visual images is another use of technology seen everywhere. Projects are being used in the top universities, school and colleges use to increase the motivation and learning power of students. The learning part becomes effective when it adjoins technology.

Enhanced Teaching

In 2018, the European Commission supported Digital action plan where 11 initiatives have been taken for the utilization of digital support. Via these programs teaching could be enhanced successful implementation of technology monitored within classroom. This can be helpful in eradication of geographical limitation and providing distance learning programs. Some national and international sites are helping students to learn a foreign language by pairing a group of students and educators of different countries.

The Negative Impact Of Technology

Innovation is a blessing until it is not creating any hurdle among learning pathways. On the one side collaborative and cooperative learning is enhanced by technology, another side it accelerates the increasing rate of cheating (Raja and Nagasubramani,2018). High tech watches or graphical calculators or mini cameras became a great source of cheating inside exam halls. Being over-connected and infinite presence on the internet exerts influence on the focus capabilities and to some extent sports too. A few have been discussed by essay writing help experts below-

Reduced Thinking Ability

Many researchers believed increased usages of technology severally affect the thinking ability of students. Due to excessive usages of online chatting, the writing skills of students have declined drastically. As most of the students depend on online communication, this is somewhat responsible for the declining ability of students capability and their writing skills.

Increased Incidents Of Health Issues

Technology overusing increases the health issues as suggested by instant essay writer. Technology is making students more anxious. According to 2014 surveys of the Australian Psychological Society, Australian students have reported reduced stress level in 2013, but higher than previous years. This report also revealed 18 to 35 years of old adults have reported a high level of anxiety and stress. Modern technology makes us addictive to social media, henceforth causing such issues is also considered as side effects of over usages of technology (Strategic Pscycology, 2019).


Technology has reported positive impact on the education, but at the same time it has been identified overusing of technology causes health issues, decreased thinking ability as well as lesser focus. Several top universities are developing a plan to introduce online programs to eliminate the geographical barriers and enhancing teachers and students’ attraction. Thus it can

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