How Many Pages Is 1000 Words?

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More or less every assignment comes with a specific set of guidelines. These guidelines are mandatory for students to follow. They must adhere to these norms in order to score well.

The trickiest guideline is to complete the assignment within a particular length.

Students are given to write assignments based on pages or number of words. The confusion arises more when instead of the word count importance is given to the number of pages. We are going to share tips on how to calculate word count and page count and know how many pages is 1000 words? Here in this article students will get to know what are the factors to be kept in mind while maintain the word count of an article.

A student has a lot of doubts in his mind when he is asked to write an article of four pages or six pages. The first question that comes up is how many words are four pages or six pages?

The fact is that there is no definite answer to the question. Number of words in an article varies on a number of factors.

Key Factors That Are Responsible For Discrepancy In The Word Count

  • The main reason because of which the word count varies is the font style. The font styles decide how many words would fit in one line further deciding the number of words in a page.
  • The size of the font also decides how many words would constitute a page. Small font sizes leads to more words in a page likewise large font size leads to lesser words.
  • Another key element is the spacing element. How much space is given in between two different words is also responsible for the number of words in a page.
  • The last factor is the margins. It is a known fact that words are not placed end to end on a paper. There is always some margin left on all four sides of the paper. This is done to make the write up look presentable. Number of words in the page depends on how much margin is being left.

It becomes difficult for students to decide how many words would constitute how many pages due to the above mentioned factors. Therefore highly qualified academicians and assignment writers have developed certain thumb rules to give students a fare idea of how many words constitute how many pages.

Basic Thumb Rules Of Word Count

  • The font size of alphabets is defined in terms of points. Normally professional essay writer use 12 points as a standard font size for articles.
  • The standard margin space is 1 inch and any professional writer either uses single space or double space when writing academic content.
  • Therefore as a thumb rule a standard page with 1 inch margin and typed in font size 12 point using single space usually contains 500 words.
  • There are some assignments that require double spacing in that case the word limit is approximately 250 words per page. However this is typical for A4 size papers. The standard estimate may vary if the page size differs.

Students are given specific guidelines to write assignments in four pages considering the thumb rules of word count students can easily calculate the number of pages needed.

The above thumb rule can be written down as a formula for the convenience of students so that they can remember it easily.

Formula- {Word Count in Single page = 1in*12points =(500 in single space/250 in double space)/Number of pages provided in the assignment.}= Number of pages needed for the word count

Using the above formula students can easily calculate the word count based on single space or double space.

To state it simply if we write an article o an A4 size paper and give 1 inch margin space and type the words using single space than the word count come up to approximately 500 words per page. And, similarly if the same article is written using double space than the word count will reduce to 250 words per page.

This is a standard rule to calculate the number of pages required for a particular word count.

If a student is given to write an article of 1000 words he can easily use the standard formula to derive how many pages is 1000 words?

For example if he is using an A4 size paper with 1 inch margin and writes the article using single space than based on the formula the number of pages needed for 1000 words is 2 and in case the assignment is required to be written using double space, the number of pages needed will be 4 as the word count comes down from 500 to 250 due to double space. Freelance writers Jobs portal are also available on the web that can help you identify how much writing space covered by 1000 words article.


There are various factors like spacing, font style, font size, and margin space because of which it is difficult to decide how many pages contain how many words. Word count is a mandate for students that they need to adhere to when they are working on their assignments there is a thumb rule made based on the set standards of writing an academic assignment.

Based on the above set standards a thumb rule is followed and i.e., on a standard paper the average word count is 500 using single space and 250 using double space. Therefore for 1000 words if single space is used then 2 pages will be needed and in case of double space 4 pages will be needed.

It is always preferable for students to seek professional guidance in case they are made to write assignments or clear their doubts from professors. However, often the page count may differ due to size of the page so students should ask for a definite word count instead of page count when they are heading for an assignment. This helps to bring in clarity in accuracy and spares the students from dealing with unnecessary doubts.

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