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Students and assignments are co-related to each other. Every student is familiar with assignments because it is the need of every student to complete the assignment. A homework or any job given by the examiner or professor is known as assignment. It is the daily routine of students to complete an assignment. Teachers and examiner always cautioned students to write plagiarism free assignment. Plagiarism is the most common mistake that most of the students commit while writing an assignment.

If a student writes a copy-pasted assignment he/she has to face the wrath of the professor. Most of the students fail to write plagiarism free assignment and they lost their assignment marks. In colleges and universities, writing plagiarism free assignment is necessary otherwise, it makes the professor extremely angry and professor give them very low grades and students have to repeat their semester as they got compartment. The easiest and simple logic to escape from the wrath of the professor or teacher is to take help from Online Assignment Help.

So, the first question arises, what is plagiarism and how it leads to low grades. An assignment is said to be plagiarized if the student copies the information or content from another student’s assignment. Submitting the duplicate assignment is a serious offense.

Most of the universities and colleges follow strict rule against plagiarism. Hence, every student needs to write the plagiarism free assignment. With the help of some tips, students can easily avoid writing a plagiarized assignment. The word ‘internet’ has changed the way of people thinking.

In the era of the internet, a student can easily find the data on any topic but for the reference only. Student need to keep in mind that there are various tools available to check duplicate content. Every teacher or professor is aware of duplicate data checker tools.

Students who copy-paste the data from the internet can be caught easily red-handed. Most of the students are unable to write the plagiarized-free data then you can directly contact to assignment writers. These experts are very well versed with all the technology and tools. Plagiarism free assignment help provides the 100 % original and plagiarized free content. These talented experts are very well known for their quality and originality of content.

What is the reason student write a duplicate or plagiarized assignments?

The main reason behind the duplicate or plagiarized assignment is the tight and hectic schedule of the students. Most of the students don’t get time to work on their assignments. Many students don’t get time because of the heavy work pressure of the studies. There is the various subject that one student have to study and making assignments on every subject become a tedious task to carry out for students. Because of this hectic schedule, study pressure, deadlines of the assignment compel the student to copy-paste the data from the internet, but this is not the right way. Every student should know about the plagiarism and its harsh punishment given by the teachers. So, you don’t have to do copy-paste the material from the internet, this is the necessity of an assignment. You need to follow some suggestions and recommendations to write plagiarism free assignment.

Every assignment needs deep thinking, intensive research and reliable resources. Intensive research and correct referencing is a very complex process. There are various types of referencing, students need to know all because their professor can give them any kind of reference.  To write the plagiarism free assignment, students need to focus on their goal and must research a particular topic. Otherwise, it leads to distraction. Your motto should be to write a plagiarism-free assignment. The most important trick is to know all kinds of plagiarism to avoid duplicity in your assignment.

Various kinds of plagiarism

Verbatim quotation, it is the quotations that students directly copy-paste without any acknowledgment. A writer should properly mention in the acknowledgment about the borrowed quotations of various big personalities.

Paraphrasing, it is also known as rephrasing. Rephrasing another’s work into own language is the most common mistake that most of the students commit in their research paper, academic paper, thesis, dissertation and, other assignments. But, the tag of plagiarism can be avoided if all the cited resources mentioned properly. Rephrasing becomes a mistake when another’s thought copies and presents them with your own ideas and thoughts.

Direct plagiarism, occurs when student copy-pastes the direct content from the internet or another fellow student’s assignment. If some words are changed and the majority of words are copy-pasted then it is plagiarized content. Sometimes it has been seen PDF also get plagiarized because student download copied PDF work. SodaPDF supports online PDF tools and ensures your PDF will never get plagiarized.

Incorrect citation, occurs when the citation is not mentioned correctly. In other words, if you are following Harvard citation, you need to follow all the guidelines and rules related to Harvard citation, then only it will be a correct and appropriate citation.

Citing an unreliable source. It is the most difficult situation for students because sometimes students take reference from the illegitimate source. It makes the student perplexed what to write and what not to write. This will lead to an extremely bad impression of the student on professors or teachers.

mosaic plagiarism, this is the kind of plagiarism when some data is taken from one source, and some data is taken from another source and paste these data into a single paper. This type of copy-pasting is more harmful than simply rephrasing.

Self-plagiarism, it occurs when a student takes the information from its previous assignment.

These are various kinds of plagiarism that every student should know and keep in mind while writing an assignment.

How to avoid plagiarism?

Every student needs to refer to various sources while writing an assignment. Every student needs to form their own opinion and goals. Some questions come in every student’s mind while writing, how to stay focused? How to generate plagiarism-free data? How to have their own idea? These questions can be answered with this comprehensive guide.

–you need to consult your examiner or professor from time to time. If you are unable to grasp and understand the points given in the question, the person that can help you is your professor, teacher, examiner or mentor. Some students think the professor is there to check your assignment but he/she is also there to help you. If you hesitate in going to your mentor or instructor, you can directly talk to assignment writers.

–While writing an assignment, you need to improve your notes writing skills first then only you will be able to enhance your assignment writing skills. The best method is to write notes simultaneously while taking references from different sources. But remember to draft properly these notes before writing an assignment. Make proper connections and links in between so it makes a logical flow.

–Citation of all references and sources should be properly done. Every writer wants to take credit for their thoughts but making your ideas and thoughts clear in your assignment is your responsibility. If you are in a dilemma and can’t write then you can hire online assignment help for every subject. To clear the confusion of your thoughts and ideas, proper citation of all references and sources is much needed.

–Paraphrasing is the art that every student needs to learn. Rephrasing can be done smarty otherwise your professor or mentor will cross-check your assignment with the plagiarism checker tool. Try to highlight your own ideas. In rephrasing, you need to change the whole sentence, changing one or two words again means copy-pasting.

Plagiarism is a serious offense, if talking about the academic writing assignments, so every student needs to take care of it. If you cannot write the assignment then call assignment writers to avoid plagiarism. Protection Status
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