Effective Note Taking Tips For Your History Paper

Note Taking Tips

The research orientation of history note making is subjective to discovery, bibliography and pausing to paraphrase. Note-taking has always advantages when it comes to reminding dates, facts, past event details and characteristics. But note-taking requires a method that is so meticulous, so ritualized as well as act the jotting information becomes second nature.

Right from mentioning bibliographic information to adjusting sentences or words to make meaning clear, everything surrounded with perfectionism in history note-making. Having detailed, clear and up to date note-making will help you to write a critical analysis essay, assignments, thesis, research paper etc and display a great understanding of students regarding concepts (Deshatty & Mokashi, 2013).

In the blog, we will discuss note-taking methods that are solely based on traditional paper and pen approach and at some points, we try to illustrate how you can form notes using electronic devices.

Purpose Of Note Taking    

The research of any subject required continuous oscillation between discovery and finding something new and relevant. Any research question of paper will direct you how should notes be prepared. That is why many online essay writer advised to first encapsulate research question then try to investigate new pathways of gathering information.

Remember the purpose of note-taking is not collecting mess of notes rather focusing on that information that will establish your arguments and help you to reach diminishing returns.

The size of finished notes should contain specific requirements and have finite length. So there is no great virtue to take more so that you can utilize for research paper. It would be better if you make notes having finite detail and useful in regards to context.

What Are The Medium Used For Making Notes

To make history notes, a student can use either index cards or ordinary paper. Most students prefer notes cards because it can be shuffled and stick around the corners neatly and without confusion. A second reason would be its small size and one can write one note. But if you are using paper, then you can use and different highlighter and post it on the wall to identify relevant material for the requirements. 

Note- Don’t forget to save your notes electronically for back up 

The other medium you can use is the Cornell method. This is a pretty way good approach of dividing notes if you have a short time to revise content. In this method, divide your content into three sections- notes cues and summary. Write cues section directly or indirectly after class or when you are reviewing notes. As per online assignment help experts, try to keep your cues and summary as simple as possible. 

One can use mind map techniques to handle on how certain topic is relatable. Review each other and add sub-concepts to each branch (Okafor, 2016). 

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List Of Note Taking System

MethodExplanationWhen You should Use
ListUnder list, ideas are arranged In sequence manner where list may short or in phrasesThis method is used when you haven’t revised anything and less time to prepare notes from different materials
OutlineHere the most prominent ideas numbered with numerical along with margins. Under each idea, detail can be addressed or designated with Arabic numbers (Trent University, 2020).The best way is forming notes when instructor is giving lecture. As opined by essay helper It will easy to make it on computer
MapsWhen designing concept map notes, try to keep central ideas at one place in a circle and use arrow to connect other ideas (Deshatty & Mokashi,2013)This is great approach when you are trying to show relationship between different ideas
Cornell MethodIt is based on two column approach and subdivided into three section I,e notes, cues and summaryUse this method when you are prioritizing the ideas and organize the review work (Davoudi et.al, 2015). You can also use index cards to form notes in cornel method

Why It Is Important To Take Notes

Effective notes taking establish a connection between materials creates maps for the readers. After listening to everything and jotting down information at once place, the most important that its ensure are-

  • It supports listening efforts(Rubin et.al, 2009) 
  • It allows someone to test acquired knowledge
  • It helps to remember the material being taught in the classroom
  • It creates a sense about what is important as per instructor perspective
  • Ultimately it acts a learning guide for you.

Effective Note Taking Tips For Your History Paper

Regardless of what note-taking system you are using for your history paper, it is advisable by essay Deutsch to get into all the circumstance and have a look at each detail. In the given below, certain specified note-taking tips are listed that might be helpful in the course of forming research paper.

  • Whenever you have decided to take notes, first be prepared. It implies you should be accompanied with all the necessary tools like pen, notes books, index cards, highlighter etc so that your notes wouldn’t mix with your art (Lumen, 2020)
  • Try to write only one side of the paper to separate reader notes and class notes 
  • Label, number, page at the front of the paper
  • Allow distinct margins to locate specific topics
  • Write only those cues and causes required for your research paper
  • Use abbreviation and signals during classroom notes preparation
  • Be assured, any conclusion driven during a lecture is a part of your note-taking.


In this blog, we had first discussed what is note-taking and how it helps students to form research paper. It has been deduced the purpose of note-taking is not gather mess of notes rather focusing on that information that will establish arguments authors has made. In the next section of this blog, we enumerated four note-making methods i.e list, outline, concept maps and cornel. Each one is used in a distinct area according to time and information students have. Later, we suggested how note-taking allows someone to test acquired knowledge and create a sense of what is instructor wants to convey. In addition to all, we have shared amazing tips for note-taking under which the most prominent one is writing cues and causes and using abbreviation or signals.

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