Effect vs Affect: The Easiest Way to Remember the Concept

Effect vs Affect

There is a big difference between writing an assignment by memorizing the concept and writing an assignment by understanding the concept. However, the intentions are the same for both the scenarios and i.e, remembering a concept for a longer time.

Today we are going to discuss the effects of learning techniques on the human mind and tell you how the learning processes affect the human brain. We are also going to share the easiest way to remember a concept.

Effects Of Learning Techniques On The Human Mind

  • A student should connect to a concept to remember it. Whenever a student sees or visualizes a scenario or an object. An impression is created in the brain which activates the brain cells and the memory stores the impression created and retains it. That is the reason visual representation of any concept is retained in the memory.
  • The mind works on logic and responds quickly to the system. Therefore, systematic learning affects the human brain. And students remember the concepts. If a student understands the requirement of the subject than it is easier for him to grasp the subject.
  • Students should allocate time for dedicated learning. The routine helps avoid procrastination. It increases focus leading to better learning. The more the concentration is the lesser time it would take to absorb the concept. If a student is assigned a dedicated time for a subject he can close his minds to deviations and focus easily on the subject. Students can take assignment help from professional writers to complete their assignments within the deadlines.
  • Motivation is essential for a student to remember a concept. And in order to be self-motivated, a student can adopt a process of rewarding himself. Self-motivation energizes the brain cells and affects the memory, because of which students can easily understand the concept.
  • Most students start memorizing a concept in the last-minute. But this practice should be avoided. A regular learning process should be adapted so that the information gets stored in the memory conveniently. This system keeps students away from stress.
  • A student should organize the tasks allotted, Because it helps the students in following proper time management. He is able to allocate dedicated time to the individual task. This process helps students keep away from stress and anxiety. He can easily maintain a work-life balance. Instant assignment writer can help them write their tasks instantly based on priority. So that students never miss their deadlines.

Learning Techniques Affecting The Human Mind

  • Whenever the student reads any new information on an existing subject, the information reaches the brain central part through neurons and instantly received by the brain and stored and the memory because of which the student remembers the concept for a longer duration.
  • Lack of purpose affects the logical mind and the brain refuses to store information. Therefore in order to memorize a subject, it is essential to know and understand the importance and urgency of the concept. This helps the mind to develop a strategy on how to memorize the concept within the allocated timeframe.
  • A student should follow a routine; the time-table set in the brain sends out the required signals and affects the body of a student. The brain passes on instructions as per the schedule set in the brain and the body acts accordingly. Therefore, it can be said that the time-table set in the mind coordinates and affects the body clock. Online essay writer help students to make a schedule for themselves giving expert suggestions analyzing their assignment priorities. They also make sure students submit quality assignments on time.
  • The process of self-rewarding affects the brain in a positive way. If a person allows rewards for himself during the process of memorizing, he tends to memorize it faster.
  • Glucose affects the neurons and increases memory. It produces chemical messengers in the brain which enhances memory. However, there should be a balance while consuming glucose. Too much of it can even kill the brain cells.
  • Excessive information affects the brain cells and most of the time freezes the power of the brain. The brain gets cluttered therefore in order to remember a concept a student needs to absorb a part of the concept on a daily basis and go through multiple revisions.
  • A student should make sure to segregate the tasks he is allotted based on priority. Too much information if not sorted based on priority can cause utter confusion. This affects the mental and physical condition of a student. He can land up suffering from stress and anxiety because of not being able to complete the tasks on time.

Tips And Tricks To Remember A Concept

  • Whenever we think of a concept we should pen down our thoughts in a piece of paper. To, check if the concept is coming uprightly. It can be written down in passages or points.
  • A student should make sure he goes through the concept on a periodical basis. Any new angles that may come up should be included in the outline.
  • Students should be able to picture the concept. This can be done using conceptual maps. It helps in linking the concept to similar concepts.
  • A visual representation of the concept can help the audience gain a better understanding and they would be able to perceive your point of view.
  • To check the viability of the concept they can make their audience solve actual problems by using it. This will not only help you remember the concept but also help you identify any loopholes in the concept.
  • A concept is not a usual paragraph it is a workable statement that has been proved using shreds of evidence. But in order to remember it. The students need to implement it. They should create hypothetical situations to integrate the concept in it this helps the students to retain the theory of the concept in their memory.


Thus, we can say that Effect vs  Affect in the process of concept learning is an interesting tug of war. Every effect affects the process of learning depending on the techniques used. 

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