Difference Between Internal And External Validity

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Validity in research is the indicator that defines the authenticity of research; Validity includes both the design and method of the research. It justifies the research and proves the feasibility of the points portrayed in the research with the help of evidence.

Validity is divided into two parts namely internal and external validity when the relationship in research is affected by the causes and effects of testing. In this article, we are going to differentiate between Internal and External Validity.

Difference Between Internal And External Validity

When the casual relationship is tested and certified that it is in no way influenced by any other variables and factors then it is referred to as Internal Validity.

When the results from a study can be applied to different situations, groups, and events in a general context then it is known as External Validity.

  • The border-line which indicates that the experiment is free from errors and there are no differences found in measurement because of an independent variable is termed as internal validity. On the other hand, External validity marks the extent to which the results of the research can be inferred.
  • Internal validity refers to the measurement of accuracy in the research. Whereas, when the cause and effects between both the dependent and independent variables can be generalized it is referred to as external validity. Students can always take help from assignment writer to measure research through internal or external validity.
  • Internal validity focuses on the control of variables whereas the external validity indicates the chances of applicability of the results in the practical scenario.
  • Internal validity proves the strength of research and design methodologies. Whereas, the external validity is used to examine the general outcomes of the research and its impact on the real world.
  • The extent of the conclusion is pre-determined by internal validity on the contrary external validity pre-determines the study of the research and its general impact on the other contexts.
  • Internal validity either is used to address or remove the alternative explanation whereas external validity is used to define the outcome of the result in the general sense.  If you are facing difficulties in calculating and finding a conclusion between internal and external validity, you can seek online assignment help.

The design of research normally has both internal and external validities. It is mandatory for any experiment to have internal validity before any outcomes are derived. In order to establish internal validity, external validity should be controlled. External validity is difficult to achieve out of an experiment. In both cases, students can take online essay help from highly qualified Ph.D. holders to assist them in calculating these from the research.

Since measurement of validity is complex in nature and holds a lot of importance it is better to seek expert guidance from professionals while working on internal and external validity.


Therefore, the main differences between internal and external validity can be listed below in the following points.

  • When an experiment is free from errors and there are no differences in measurement due to independent variables than it is termed as internal validity. Whereas, when the research results can be referred to the world it is termed as external validity.
  • Internal validity can be controlled whereas the external validity is dependent on the naturalness of the research.
  • Internal validity is the way in which the accuracy of the experiment can be measured. On the other hand, external validity is used to check whether or not the casual relationship that has been discovered within the experiment can be generalized.
  • Internal validity identifies the strength of the method of the research and external validity identifies whether or not the outcome of the research can be implemented in the real scenario.
  • Internal validity clearly describes the extent of the degree of conclusion in an experiment. The external validity states the study related to the research is being done to generalize and compare the result with any other context outside the research.
  • Internal validity is generally used in research to address and remove any other alternative explanation for the result of the experiment. Whereas external validity only generalizes the outcomes of the result.
  • In order to calculate the measure of accuracy internal validity is used in statistics. For example in confounding the internal validity checks whether the observed effects are caused by independent variables affecting the dependent variables. It becomes difficult to draw a connection between the variables when the confounding variables have a direct effect on the dependent variables. It is difficult to draw a conclusion between the inter-personal relationships between variables.

 External validity is dependent or not, but the observed relationship can be generalized through accurate methodologies. External validity is further segregated into two types of population and ecological validity.

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