Automation replacing their job in America, Why?


Automation was always threatening

Automation is Threatening humans and humans jobs.

The pandemic was a sign where, more and more social distancing and  less human contact shifted a situation where people are more dependent on automation.

artificial intelligence and automation will replace us?

Let’s discuss Larry Collins who used to be a toll collector. he was occupied for  around 23 years in his work there, although due to coronavirus  his job compromised as well as his colleagues. The automation was the reason for the job loss and due to that a machine replaced human jobs. It is happening quickly after  the pandemic.

The history of job killing

we have to acknowledge the fact that automation was always something which took  human jobs from a long time ago.

Data of 1990 to 2017 more than 400,000 jobs were forfeited due to automation in factories in the United Kingdom as well as United States of America. 


Jobs which are affected by the automation most

Jobs like elevator operators, travel agents, machine operators  and even the waiter. These types of jobs are superseded by the Machines and automation.

The turning point in Covid 19

The most remarkable turning point, when it comes to automation as companies wanted to

Run consistent in the global pandemic period however,  the situation was complicated as scarce human contact was needed and they swapped to automation where the cost was cut and human contact was slighter.

Companies heroically adopted Technology such as  Artificial Intelligence and automation where 40 million jobs was lost due to pandemic and the dismay part was that these are not going to come back as a machine and automation took place of human.

Economists are speaking out that more than 42% jobs will not be reciprocated as the machine is going to be the power which replaces human labour.

The extensively affected people

innumerable statements are saying that people who are low wage group or n people of colours were the most who affected due to the automation.

Jobs which are maintained by black people or Latino Americans such as customer  service representative, cashier, Mall inspector, waiter

are going to be lost due to the process of automation.


The pandemic hit twice

The global pandemic elevated the situation of automation and artificial intelligence. Automation  in the United States replacing jobs which used to be  done by humans. 

The automation are able to are cleaning airports, it is  checking the malls, petroling the malls performing assorted tasks of manufacturing, it is  making the dinner table.Humans job

in the process of getting lost. In the past automation was justification that countless  new jobs were created, now in the present situation, the table is turned due to machine and automation in the United States of America  and all the developed countries people are losing Jobs. The companies have increased their potential to earn more but the employment rate is declining.

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