Woolworths Marketing Strategy

Woolworths Marketing Strategy

Introduction Woolworths is a famous retail brand of Australia. The company was founded in the year 1924. The business domain of the company expands in Australia and New Zealand. The company has more than 1000 physical locations in Australia only. These include supermarkets as well as convenience stores. The product line of the company...

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Artificial Intelligence In UK

Usage Of Artificial Intelligence In The UK Retail Business

Introduction The expectations of the shoppers have evolved dramatically and drastically over the past few years and are strongly driven by the raised demands for convenience and personalization. As opined by Mani (2020), online shopping has been replacing the brick-and-mortar retailing stores and for online shopping, AI is used for the enterprises. In this...

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Online Marketing

Analyzing The UK Policies For Online Marketing

Introduction The English love governs the conduct of business and online marketing renders a significant number of various statutory instruments. These are being physically applicable to online trading. It is also applied to all areas of online business process. The legal area in this regard has been advanced in order to accommodate organisation at...

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