The Ethics, Legal and Compliance issues in Cybersecurity

Introduction: The ethical, legal and compliance issues remain important in the domain of cybersecurity with the continuous evolution of the digital landscape. Therefore, organizations should address all these concerns to safeguard their data, assets and market reputations (McIntosh et al.2023). This blog report is going to demonstrate the legal, ethical and compliance issues associated...

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Automation replacing their job in America, Why?

Automation was always threatening Automation is Threatening humans and humans jobs. The pandemic was a sign where, more and more social distancing and  less human contact shifted a situation where people are more dependent on automation. artificial intelligence and automation will replace us? Let’s discuss Larry Collins who used to be a toll collector....

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Inspiring teacher inspire students?

We all have one teacher that we constantly idolize, no matter what happened the influence of teachers always reflect  on us. Teachers are not just someone who is leading the way  to move forward from one grade to other rather than  teachers are someone who motivated you to accomplish the greatest in your life....

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Are plastic bottles and usage of plastic is bad for the environment?

Getting clean and drinkable water is indispensable for human soundness and well-being. In regions where safe drinking water is not efficiently obtainable, the public repeatedly depends on bottled water as a convenient and portable basis for hydration. The across-the-board usage of plastic bottles for holding and allocating water has furnished an explanation for people...

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