Are plastic bottles and usage of plastic is bad for the environment?


Getting clean and drinkable water is indispensable for human soundness and well-being. In regions where safe drinking water is not efficiently obtainable, the public repeatedly depends on bottled water as a convenient and portable basis for hydration.

The across-the-board usage of plastic bottles for holding and allocating water has furnished an explanation for people who require access to clean drinking water on the go. Plastic bottles are weightless, enduring, and effortlessly transferable, making them a widespread choice for packaging water.

Manufacturers make plastics using synthetic organic polymers emanating from fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and crude oil. These natural materials undergo chemical processes to develop different varieties of plastics, comprising polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is commonly used to make plastic water bottles.

PET was foremost formulated in 1941 and attained across-the-board benefits in the exposition of plastic bottles after the patenting of the first PET plastic bottle by a scientist from Du Pont in 1973. From that onwards PET bottles maintain to be prevailing preference for packaging liquids and other derivatives due to their lightweight, long-lasting, and inexpensive personality.

Plastic bottles are the main driver of pollution, extremely when they are not adequately disposed of. The manufacturing of water bottles requires fissile fuels which are quite harmful as they are contributing to carbon footprint which is justification for climate change and global warming.

Numerous plastic bottles become part of landfill or find their way into natural atmospheres such as rivers, lakes, and oceans, causing pollution and harming wildlife. Plastic pollution is a global environmental concern. more than seventeen million barrels are required to create plastic bottles to fulfil the necessities of America’s demand for plastic bottles.

According to a report from the Container Recycling Institute, there are thirty-eight billion water bottles in the landfill in the United States of America, a year more than eighty-six percent of water bottles were added to the landfill.

The manufacturing of plastic bottles mandates the extraction of natural resources like petroleum and natural gas. This extraction pitches into environmental degradation and resource depletion. The process of packing water is not an easy task as it is a reason for a climate amount of carbon dioxide in the environment more than two and half million tons of carbon emissions.

The “Reduce” element of the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mantra. The process of recycling is frequently seen as an answer to decrease waste, but it is not an excellent solution, as not all materials get recycled and the recycling process itself can have its environmental consequence

If we want to reduce our carbon and environmental footprint. This can be possible by putting together mindful selections such as looking for reusable commodities rather than disposable, buying derivatives with less packaging, and practising conscious consumption.

The “Reuse” element focuses on such products and derivatives which potentially can be used multiple times.


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