An Elaborate Overview Of How To Write A Synthesis Essay

Synthesis Essay

Synthesis Essay is a piece of writing that introduces a statement on a certain arguable subject and gives opinions grounded on numerous reliable sources. The test is in merging all essentials by evaluating them to get a complete concept. The best synthesis essay definition is considering it as a method of assembling jigsaw puzzle pieces. The objective of this form essay is to assess whether you not only can comprehend evidences that exists in several sources, but also if you can amalgamate that evidence on a higher level of intelligence. It tests if you can discover connections that exist between the sources combined, and then advance further to improve your own thesis that both sources could support. It connects the parts of a work, or multiple works to present and back a claim about a subject matter. When you perform research on a specific topic, you will focus on the relationship which can be transformed into a appropriate viewpoint on a topic.

The synthetic essay has two types:

  • Explanatory/background synthesis: This form of essay requires writing only factual information that informs the reader. It doesn’t support any specific idea.
  • Argument synthesis: This form of essay comprises the process of assembling vital details. The particulars are presented in a logical direction, with the assistance of accurate research. In this type you take a position and shield it.

Topic for synthesis essay
The topic you choose should be broad so that it’s easier to combine the multiple sources together. However, it shouldn’t be too wide-ranging and expansive because as it will bring unrelated sources together. Some initial readings will help you to select what to write about.Write about what you are familiar with, as when you are conducting research on the subject, you will find out plenty of latest material.

Thesis statement for synthesis essay
After considering the source materials, the next stage is to formulate a view on your topic. The thesis statement will be the main idea presented in the essay. It should encompass the topic and explain your take on the topic. It has to be presented in a whole and complete sentence. Your thesis statement can either be the first sentence of the essay itself, or the closing sentence of the first paragraph, this depends on the type of synthesis essay outline.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay Outline
Writing a synthesis essay outline is the first important step you should take before you get started. A respectable outline supports as the spine of your essay, keeping you on track and on point throughout the entire writing process. Writing without the support of an essay outline increases the possibility of you crafting a meaningless and confused essay. It can be written smoothly by following this order:

  1. An Introduction (One paragraph): Write an introduction that includes one to three of your ideas on the topic.
  2. The Main Body (3-4 paragraphs): The main body/paragraphs to write should be no less than three paragraphs, each of which opening with a fresh and different assumption. Make certain that the evidence used to support your concepts comes from a trustworthy source, and if you use another author’s precise words, put them in quotes. Mention all the data that is originally not yours, and catalogue all of your sources in your bibliography or works cited page.
  3. The Conclusion (One paragraph): This is the section where you draw to a close and bring your essay to a logical end. Do not bring up any fresh concerns; finish only what you acknowledged in the introduction and body.

Introduction for a Synthesis Essay
To begin a synthesis essay,consider attracting attention of the reader in a powerful manner. Reflect upon the particularities of the synthesis essay when devising ideas on how to write an essay. There are quite a few ways to get started in a full swing. The first one is to provide some unknown fascinating fact, while the second one is to start the essay with a quote by a renowned individual associated with the subject matter. Attempt to capture the reader’s attention immediately because the accomplishment of your essay will be contingent on the first opinion you create on the reader.

However, there are dissimilarities between introductions for argumentative essays and introductions for synthesis essays.The main contrast is that in synthesis essay writing, you will use the introduction to express your thesis and also your sources used. However, in other types of essay writing, in-text citations are used all through the main body/paragraphs to reveal sources, and seldom used in the introduction section. Since the main objective of the synthesis essay is to blend, you need to immediately convey to your reader which sources you combined and the thesis you arrived at after doing so.

Main Body for a Synthesis Essay
Each of the paragraphs in the main body should start with a topic sentence. Ensure that the topic sentences are attached to your thesis statement. Also, the essay should not be built on the sources but around your main paragraphs. Apply this section of the essay to give your view and opinions logically. Make certain to provide applicable evidence to support your claim. The two most important rules of writing the body of a synthesis essay are to:

  • Begin each paragraph with information; and
  • Show examples from your sources that prove your point.

The length of the body will be subject to your essay’s scope and the number of sources given. When two sources are offered, you can assign each paragraph to each source.

Conclusion for a Synthesis Essay
It is always simple and effortless to write the introduction and main body than it is the conclusion. The best method to write conclusion is to reaffirm your thesis statement and recap all the key opinions you made. Try to write a strong concluding sentence to help you convince your audience.  Express additional  importance of your subject from the evidence and justification argued in the essay. It’s a profound and thoughtful ending for your essay.

Cite Your Sources
Use footnotes to cite material in the body of your essay and a bibliography of cited works at the end. Make correct citations and bibliographies, and always follow the instructions of the professor regarding the citation format he prefers, such as MLA, APA, or Harvard styles. Footnotes and in-text citations should be always be used for any quoted, rephrased, or cited data. Protection Status
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