10 Fascinating Facts About Laughter

laughter facts

Laughter is a social phenomenon and is as old as mankind. It is one of the most ancient forms of expression and communication.  Laughter is so infectious; people laugh much more when they are around other people. If you watch a comedy movie with family or friends, you are much more likely to laugh out loud from even the trivial gag, but those who watch a comedy alone barely chuckle. TV producers understood this and they added laugh tracks to their shows, thus making you feel that you are not watching it alone and increasing the seeming comedy of the show.Laughter induces changes in the actions of others, putting them at ease and breaking social barricades. One of the top ways to stay in a good physical shape is to start a day with a smile on your face. Many doctors now agree with the encouraging results of laughter on our well being. Laughter yoga is now used in many hospitals for the treatment of grave ailments and it is also practiced in schools and universities, companies, and old age homes. There is now a dedicated World Laughter Day which is celebrated on the first Sunday in May every year.

Here are top 10 Fascinating Facts About Laughter:

Humans laughed before they spoke
Some scientists are of the opinion that laughter was used as a technique for humans to communicate to one another millions of years before they used their lung strength for language. The medium of laughter is so deep-rooted in our brains that babies as young as couple of weeks have been witnessed performing it. In fact, children born blind and deaf still have the capability to laugh. There is emotional factor that causes you to laugh at the most horrible times. The rationale behind laughing during grave moments is very situational and differs on the person and their mental status. At times people laugh when something is sad because they are trying to divert from going deeper into their sentiments. This may be an unconscious process that is occurring, not necessarily a conscious one. Your mind is putting up a type of “barrier” to fight these devastating emotions, which is considered normal.

Animals laugh
It may sound outlandish, but several scientists have stimulated “tickle-induced vocalizations” from primates including Orangutans, Chimpanzees and Bonobos. Actually rats have very ticklish and sensitive necks. When distinguished scientist Jaak Pankseppfrom Bowling Green State University tickled baby rats’ napes, the rodents released unrestrained high-frequency squeaks that were inferred as laughter.It’s established that brain circuits in charge for laughter in rats can be used to study human emotion also. Even Dolphins are found to chortle and giggle while goofing around. Also, the Kea is the only bird with a contagious laugh.

Couples who laugh together, stayed attracted together
The couples who attacked their tense circumstances with laughter had greater levels of relationship fulfillment and continued  staying together longer than couples who didn’t crack even a smile or laugh out loud. It is scientifically proven that having the same sense of humor as your spouse makes your relationship tougher and stronger. Research confirms that couples who use laughter and smile when debating a sensitive issue feel better in the closeness and report higher levels of happiness and satisfaction in their relationship. They also have a tendency to stay together longer.

Laughter controls our brains
When you see people laughing, you just can’t control or stop yourself but smile.It was observed that when laughing sounds were played, the premotor cortical region of the brain, which prepares the muscles in the face to move, was activated.It is discovered that laugh stimulates the limbic system of the brain, linking the left and right hemispheres. This is process is beneficial for your memory.

Laughter burns calories
Only 10 to 15 minutes of laughing a day means you can actually burn about 40 calories.Researchers determined that the increase in heart rate and oxygen consumption during these hilarious moments furthered the burn. Laughing elevates both your energy outflow and heart rate by about 10 percent to 20 percent. While this sounds too good in concept, you’d have to laugh steadily for an hour or more for this calorie burning to have any significant result.

Laughter is good for Memory
According to the some researchers, laughter signifies an enjoyable method to help thwart age-related memory degeneration in old people. Few studies also advocate that humor can have clinical benefits and rehabilitative effects and can be applied in programs that support whole-person wellness for older adults. Learning aptitude and delayed ability to remember are important to these individuals for a better quality of life, in view of mind, body, spirit, social, and financial features. However, medical practitioners now can offer optimistic, agreeable, and valuable humor treatments to mend these shortcomings.

Laughter is an effective medicine
Research has revealed that laughter may diminish stress hormones and improve your immunity,while also encouraging positive state of mind. Laughter has proven physical, mental, social, spiritual, and excellent standard of happiness support, such that growing numbers of health care centers are adopting laughter therapy as a form of complementary care. The benefits of laughing include prevention and control of high blood pressure, numerous heart diseases, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and allergies. Laughing can boost the body’s ability to avoid infection by increasing levels of key immune system components and decreasing levels of stress hormones that are associated with the poor immune function.

Major channel for nonverbal communication
Facial expressions are especially significant in conveying different kinds of meaning. Laughter can convey a message without being assisted by any verbal communication. We send information on attitude toward person, emotional statue, and desire to control the environment as laughter is a key ingredient in sending messages.

Laughter is a powerful way of relaxation
Genuine laughter can help to get liberated from avoidable sentiments, especially those that are deep rooted inside from an early stage in life. An optimistic perspective of the world appears when you smile and are in a feel good mood. When laughing a lot, a person views life positively and cannot hold any resentments. Such person drives through life effortlessly and easily and motivates the surrounding people with positive attitude.

Laughter is valuable in life
A smile on the face and absence of any pressure during communication both speak about self-assurance and aptitude to deal with demanding circumstances. It can especially be helpful during such critical moments as a nerve-wracking job interview. The competency to demonstrate cheerful and optimistic sentiments is also useful for a career, as it will help to establish good relations with colleagues and be appreciated by your boss.

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