Who Invented Homework and Why?

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Homework assignment or homework is any set of tasks which are assigned to students throughout their academic career. The most important aspect of these home assignments is the fact that these assignments should be completed without the constant guidance of the teacher or educator. These assignments should also be completed outside the designed space of the classroom. Some of the common exercises which can be assigned to students as some sort of homework include typing projects, writing projects, mathematical exercises, reading assignments, and other assignments. Many experts, professors, teachers, and educators actually debate on the topic of the effects of these homework assignments. However, what the debate is not on is who actually invented homework and why. In this academic writing piece, readers will be able to learn about homework, its types, the purpose of homework, and some historical facts about homework. The readers will also be able to learn about some of the most important effects of homework.

An Introduction to Homework and Its Types

When the topic of homework arises then the entire body of students seems to be quite divided. There are some students who even hate the idea of homework, there are some students who love doing their homework, and there is the third group of students who do not like doing homework but understand the importance of working on homework assignments. Homework can be an assignment which is assigned to all students to enhance the current skills which are possessed by students. A homework assignment should also have three main characteristics. And those important characteristics of a homework assignment are:

  • Homework assignments should be feasible
  • These assignments should be set in a way which is closely related to the coursework which is covered in the class
  • Homework assignments should not be too complex or large
  • Educators should also avoid setting homework assignments at the beginning of the course and should wait for the students to learn the basic skills which one can use to solve the questions of the assignment more independently

There are many other purposes which educators keep in mind while assigning homework to students. However, in this section, the focus will be on the different types of homework assignments. These different types of homework assignments are:

  • Any sort of material which is present inside the textbooks
  • Oral exercises
  • Written exercises
  • Creative work like essay writing, story writing, poetry making competitions, science experiments, and other types of creative assignments
  • Preparing a report of all that has been covered inside the space of the classroom
  • Conducting specific experiments and observations

These are the major types of assignments which students can be assigned. In the next section, the readers will be able to learn about the purpose of homework.

The Purpose of Homework

There are many experts who believe that the purpose of doing homework is the same as the purpose of schooling which is to enhance the abilities, skills, and knowledge of any particular student. Working on any sort of homework assignment won’t just prepare students to deal with any sort of questions related to the topic in question but it will also allow the students to easily grasp the concepts which are more complex and difficult. Homework assignments will also allow students to apply the skills and knowledge which is acquired by the student in his or her daily life beyond the confined space of the classroom. Homework can also be looked on as the opportunity for parents or guardians of the student to actively participate in the education of the student. These homework assignments are also designed in such a way that it helps in reinforcing all the skills and knowledge which students have already acquired. Some of the other common purposes of assigning assignments are

  • Preparation
  • Practice
  • Personal development
  • Participation
  • Parent-teacher communication
  • Parent-child relations
  • Policy
  • Peer interactions
  • Punishment
  • Public relations

It is important for the readers to remember that it is not necessary that all these purposes must be fulfilled every single time when a student starts working on the assigned homework assignments.

The Historical Facts about Homework

According to various sources, homework was originally invented by Roberto Nevilis during 1905. Roberto Nevilis was an Italian pedagogue who is not just found the villain in the life of all students but he is also the man who is credited with the real improvement which has taken place in the education sector. This Italian pedagogue also held a very traditional view regarding education and believed that homework is one of the most important conditions which one should fulfill to effectively engage in educational activities.

According to Roberto Nevilis, the main purpose of inventing homework was to ensure that all his students develop individuality, independence, initiative, and creative imagination. He also believed that the effectiveness of teaching can be judged by the quality of preparation which is followed to prepare relevant and engaging homework assignments by students. There are also many obligatory stages which all students must go through to create the best possible homework assignments for students. Those obligatory stages are:

  • Perception: At this stage, an educator tries to deeply evaluate the concepts which are at the center of the course. This will enable the educator to develop homework assignments which are relevant to the course.
  • Comprehension: Once the educator has perceived the concepts of the course then he or she needs to comprehend the relevant skills which a student must possess to solve these assignments.
  • Fastening: After that, the educator tries his or her best to concretely form the homework assignment.
  • The Formation of Skills: Once the homework assignment is created then it should be assigned to the students when the students possess the right skills to successfully deal with those homework assignments.
  • Skills in Practice and Application of New Knowledge: This is the last stage and during this stage, the student tries to apply the knowledge or skills which he or she has learned in the classroom space into the real world.

These are the obligatory steps which educators must go through to assign effective homework assignments to students.

The Effects of Homework

According to various reports and studies, there are many potential effects of homework assignments. And some of those effects of homework assignments are:

  • The Academic Performance
    Since its invention, a large number of experts have been interested in the topic of the potential effects of homework assignments. While there is not general consensus which exists between the true effectiveness on homework assignments but it has been found through many types of researches that students who generally spend more time on completing their homework assignments tend to score higher in comparison to students who spend less time on the task of homework completion.
  • Study Habits
    It has also been found that assigning homework to students from a young age allows the students to develop better study habits.
  • Overall Health
    It has been found that homework assignments are a common cause of stress and anxiety among students. In some cases, homework can also lead to the student developing physical symptoms.

These are the effects of homework.

The Conclusion:

Homework assignments are the types of assignments which are assigned to students to complete outside the space of the classroom. The main purpose of an educator for assigning homework to students is that it allows students to develop better skills and knowledge. And use that skill and knowledge in the real world. Get homework help online from SourceEssay. Roberto Nevilis is also the Italian pedagogue who is credited with the invention of homework in 1905. He believed that homework can have many positive effects on the life of a student.

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