What makes Germany a super innovator?

Germany a super innovator

Consistent innovation is must for flourishing constantly. Serious innovation leads to serious success. Countries are indulged in vicious circle to gain highest degree of innovation in all aspects. And, Germany is not behind. The diversified landscapes, cultures and towns of the country are fascinating and enthrals the observer. The fact of Germany being the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world is irresistible to entice (Deutschland.de 2019). It integrates the entire Europe and its prospects of functioning. Being regarded as a super innovator is not a facile matter. There are many factors contributing to its super innovator reputation.

Leading the race of innovation requires strong amalgamation of all the factors and its integrated functions and purposes. It makes use of the highly advanced technologies like those of the driverless cars running on roads. The latest report of Global Competitiveness of the World Economic Forum has shown Germany as the most innovative country globally. The capabilities of Germany was rated 87.5 out of 100 and one among the major drivers of enhancing the productivity of the country (reports world economic forum). One of the vital components of being competitively advantageous is innovation along with commercialization, administrative needs, research and development, association and multiplicity, an culture defining entrepreneur nature of the country (Schoeman 2019).

Germany makes use of the “softer” driving factors of innovation which are part of the pillars of capability. The varieties of ideas it develops contributes to its super innovator reason. The focus is on the enhancement of the digitally-networked vigour, driverless vehicles and electric potency. There has been the invention of MP3 players ranking fifth in discernible application. A higher degree of sophistication of buyer was reported of about 66.1. this basically means that the organizations and the business operations are accepting challenges in order to innovate and gain benefits to gain the maximum position (Schoeman 2019). Germany is reported to spend 2.9 per cent of its GDP (gross domestic product) on the research and the development sector. It also maximised the funds for the small and the not so large companies in its e-mobility projects. There main aim of shaping the future is fulfilled by taking these initiatives.

There were 2633 application of copyrights by the companies for driverless vehicles in 2017 which increased by 14 per cent as compared to that in 2016. 128,921 registration of copyrights were made in the year 2017 with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) which was highest in Europe and fifth highest globally. Germany had one among the three applications of copyrights. Not only the companies but also the customers, are benefited from the products result of super innovation (Freedom and Safety 2019). The top institutions of education contribute majorly to the country’s innovative self-starter initiative. Both the public and the private institutions of research play a major role in making Germany a super innovator. The vast number of publications on research are done by the universities of Germany which landed it on the third position of the list for the excellent quality of its researches and fourth for the brilliant quality of the institutions. It has been successful in establishing 1000 institutions which are publicly funded for developing the fields of science, researching and developing; and 600 researching and innovative agglomeration, employed 614,000 people which includes 358,000 people experts specifically in the field of researching.

The clarification in the matter of setting the goals by Germany also played a major role in successfully putting efforts for the same for the desired results. The alignment of the goals of the company with that of the public of the country was major factor contributing towards the success of being a super innovator. The developmental strategies are made for the country and by the country (Freedom and Safety 2019). Super innovation is a way directed towards competitiveness in the long term in the fields of digitalising the economy, empowering the sector of education, fostering the ecosystem of start up companies, and regulating the taxation and the customs of the country. The distinguished classifications in the fields of dynamics of business, health departments, adaptions in the technological fields of information and communication, infrastructural facilities, institutionalization and the competencies and the skills of the country people helped in making the Germany a super innovator.

Germany has worked hard by putting effort in building the paths and giving sufficient time for innovation. It is also considered that Germany has been scientifically minded since ancient times which motivated it to become a super innovator and maintain the tradition. The scientists and the investigators were motivated to inculcate innovative strategies and develop them to the highest level of advancement for being the leading economy. The great minds were unified to create a nation with immense strength, power and capabilities. The politics performed its powers and fulfilled its responsibilities, being the major reason for super innovating Germany (Freedom and Safety 2019). The investments were made aptly with equally prioritising all the fields and their individual requirements. The proper management of all the functions and their purposes were done with the help of the experts of the respective fields. Germany has also made the 94 per cent of the renewable sources a vital component for innovation.

Anything is considered superior when it is compared to another thing. Similarly, Germany’s recognition as a superpower was done when it was compared to other innovative nations like USA, China and Japan. The comparisons are done on the basis of the utilisation and the implementation of the radical technologies. Germany was then proved better at making adaptations to the inventions and the discoveries in the business and the education sectors. The Germans make efforts to infuse the traditional ties with the new and unique procedures and methods characterised with unique ideas and abilities. On the other hand, US kills the existing industries and only focuses on the building of new ones leading to the failure of establishment of cohesive economy. Basically, the recombination of the static aspects to those of the mobilising factors contributes to the reasons for innovation. The power of manufacturing is explained through the innovation of Germany and its economy (Freedom and Safety 2019). It has increased its GDP along with the employment of the workforces. The contribution of the growing employment sector and the true expansion of the income sector is significant for the recognition of the super innovation. When compared to US, it has more people employed from the middle-class sectors during the manufacture of jobs, with US only having 11 per cent employment rate and 13 per cent GDP rate creating imbalance in the economical situation of the country.

Besides focusing on the high-tech sectors, it also focuses on all the areas where innovation results productivity. The recombination and the innovation of the ideas and techniques are done by the public institutions and the private companies to forward in the path of innovation at the superior level. The novelties of the strategies implemented and initiatives taken are one of the reasons for Germany’s super innovation. Training’s are constantly given to the people to avoid any restraints to the super innovation of the country leading to the creation of the vicious cycle of the same. The diversified and the creative ways are not too facile to apply in an appropriate manner but Germany has showcased examples significant enough to repute it as a super innovator (Freedom and Safety 2019). The focus on the revamping of the innovation system helped in the recognition of a more clearer purpose scaling up for sustainable productivity. The introduction of new policies boosted the entire process of innovation and development. still, efforts are continuously made for gaining a lifelong endeavour of advanced innovation.

The innovation policies help in the completion of the entire cycle and leads to the success of the economic growth enhancing the welfare of the country and its citizens. All the reasons for Germany being the super innovator can be summarized as the new records of funding in field of researching and developing, aligning with the needs of the future and its varied prospects, building an economy with a clear vision, making the use of the valuable scientific and technological aspects and knowledge, and establishing strengthened political, industrial and scientific links. The role of the patents is important and a deciding factor among others. The exceptional nature of the network alienates it from the use of techniques and strategies by other countries metropolising the landscape of innovation. The increase in the number of publications in the scientific field and matters over the previous two decades intensifies the pioneering process. The effort of the German government is evidenced by the funding they provide towards the same leaving no doubt of failure and even increasing the hopes and chances of becoming successful. The health and the aerospace industries are also not ignored and the required large-scale equipment are provided accordingly leaving no department behind others. Thus, it can be observed how Germany has made tremendous efforts for becoming a super innovator developing all the major components of a leading economy in the competitive and the forward-looking world.

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