What makes Americans start doing drugs?


The United States of America and drugs

We are going to highlight one of the greatest issues faced by the  United States which is drug abuse and the easy process of getting psychotropic drugs which shows how the supervision and healthcare policies are not meeting circumstances.

The burden on healthcare experts

The healthcare export has to suffer due to they have to prescribe such kind of medication which comes under highly addictive or substance abusive and can be utilized by people to reach euphoria.

The global risk of drugs

 after the Global pandemic has innumerable issues and situations such as racism, social injustice, and economic crisis. Multiple experts are saying that these kinds of emerging issues after the Global pandemic somehow lead to doubt about the American dream. Plenty of mental health concerns are growing larger along with self-harm thoughts climbing. society and drugs to overcome the issues are associated according to experts.

The three steps of drug addiction

When it comes to employing drugs or using drugs it always goes from three stages.

Non-user experimentation

 The first stage is non-use experimentation,  where usually people want to experiment with drugs. Young people are those who get into the trap most often.   They are influenced by the peer group.  Sometimes pressured by their surroundings or are curious to see what happens in the experiment.

Getting familiar

The second phase is if they have positive experimentation and if they feel that they have had good experiences with drugs. They start to use them regularly.  Start to take multiple other things while feeling overwhelmed such as eagerness, stress, and tension for regulation of these emotions they start to get more addicted to it.

Then they proceed to a third stage where they become heavy drug users.

The pharmaceutical and their role

We have to emphasize how pharmacists are selling such drugs which can be utilized as drug abuse leading to addiction also raises a concern about the regulation as it is entirely manageable for people to get drugs.

Patient Satisfaction or pressure

even the doctors have pressure from the patient to achieve a patient’s expectations and satisfaction. they sometimes prescribe Such addictive medicine which is utilized by drug abusers to satisfy the need for pleasure or overdose over medicines. called attention to that after the Global phantom social problems, inequality in society is ascending and it also has a negative influence on the young people who are American residents. Easy reach to drugs can be the reason that addiction to it wakes up.

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