The Ethics, Legal and Compliance issues in Cybersecurity

Introduction: The ethical, legal and compliance issues remain important in the domain of cybersecurity with the continuous evolution of the digital landscape. Therefore, organizations should address all these concerns to safeguard their data, assets and market reputations (McIntosh et al.2023). This blog report is going to demonstrate the legal, ethical and compliance issues associated...

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What makes Americans start doing drugs?

The United States of America and drugs We are going to highlight one of the greatest issues faced by the  United States which is drug abuse and the easy process of getting psychotropic drugs which shows how the supervision and healthcare policies are not meeting circumstances. The burden on healthcare experts The healthcare export...

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AI is a tidal wave as big as internet, how?

Recently Satya Nadella who is a CEO of Microsoft talked about artificial Intelligence and how artificial intelligence is going to be Revolutionary change in our current society.  The history of the Tidal wave If we examine the history behind the comment of a tidal Wave, we will capture why this comment is getting so...

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What is the role of waste management in the construction sector?

Waste management is an integral part of environmental management. Waste management plays a crucial role in the construction sector. In the construction industry, several waste products originate such as demolition debris, excavated soil, packaging materials, and other by-products (Kabirifar et al. 2020). An estimated 2.5 billion tonnes of construction and demolition (C&D) trash are...

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Excellence Models and its relationship to project management theory and practices

Business Excellence and its Criteria and Framework Business excellence is excellence in procedures, strategic policies, and partner related execution results that have been approved by appraisals utilising demonstrated business greatness models. It would further be considered as the holistic checklist or framework that would further define the excellent organisational practices in a certain way...

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