Want to have fun instead of a college paper?


Writing college papers on assigned topics with no room for flexibility can push even the best minds to boredom. It’s easy to get distracted writing a paper you’re not greatly interested in. If you want to have fun and enjoy essay writing activities, here is some useful advice for you:


  • Imagine the topic is amazing


Even if it is a dull topic, try to get into it. For instance, if you have to differentiate between winter solstice and summer solstice, don’t just cry out at the disinteresting topic. Instead, think of it as something that you can explore from a new direction. Say to yourself, ‘winter is fun, I like it. I can’t say the same about the summers though, but this should be fun too…. maybe now I will understand the equinoxes better too’.


  • Think differently


Going back to the example, the topic requires you to differentiate between the two seasons. Just sit back and question yourself why do you need to differentiate between them? They both are seasons that come every year, but what makes them so peculiarly distinct. You just start moving toward your topic. Find anything that interests you and leads you to your original question.


  • Trust your thoughts


Essay writing requires you to refer to different articles and past research to obtain necessary facts and cite your evidence. It is not possible to write it all by yourself but you can write your thoughts and back those up with evidence to work out fun ways of understanding the topic. If the information is boring and very basic that even the primary school children are aware of, use your thoughts to do some extensive research. Maybe you would remember some interesting facts that you read in a magazine on your last train journey and combine it with the boring material that leads you to the insight required to write this essay.


  • Don’t be upset


Even if you have to write five pages and you could find content that covers only two pages, let it be. Start reading your paper again.  Maybe you can include a teensy joke, or explain a point further. Even better, create an infographic or a diagram to portray your knowledge and effort and make the entire process interesting for the reader. Make sure that these graphics are created by you and not copied.

Use these simple tricks to turn your dull essay into an interesting paper.


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