Unemployment- A Persistent Social Issue

Unemployment A persistent social issues | Assignment help

Unemployment the word itself if stays longer would affect the cost of the economy. The entire individual who is not working in the referenced period falls under the category of unemployment. They might be anyone who is highly skilled or having no skills. When unemployment reaches above the expected rates it subtle the growth and leads to social issues. With no money, there is no education, food resources and basic elements for the survivor. Whether someone is homeless or has no job, this all head place to social issues. Due to this fact, almost millions of people fall under the unemployment category. Why unemployment is touching peak? There are significant facts that one has to know before reaching to a conclusion.

This blog is going to illustrate some interesting facts that prove unemployment as persistent social issues. Herein we will discuss why unemployment rises? And even if someone is educated why they are still unemployed?

Poverty- A cause of unemployment

The personal and social costs of unemployment concern such as rapid technological change, lack of education and skills, increased population and rising cost. Unemployment progressively failed to indicate the right usage of natural resources. According to Global Employments Trends 2014, the employment rate has risen about 3.8% in comparison to the previous year. Low wages income holder lies in the bottom line are grasped by poverty. This distinction concerning unemployment was introduced by Mills (1959).

An increasing number of unemployed people are facing hardship in maintaining their livelihood, clothing and a healthy diet. This certainly remarks about the serious problems of housing and hopeless life. Unemployment causes harm for the economy not in the sense of waste of resources but also by building pressure on the community. Marxian theory of unemployment leans towards the failure of the capitalist system. Hence if you know about the capitalist system, you can take help from the assignment writer.

Population- Rise unemployment

As defined by the International Labour Organization, unemployed are those who are willing to working but don’t have a job. To pay for the resources one needs to gain stability in their respective careers. This belongs to in what culture and zone they are surviving. Living in the crowded region having meager resources often creates competition. The superior will have more resources compared to those who are lagging. It means a country must have to look at the rising population to distribute the resources evenly. This is the very first solution to occlude the unemployment at starting. Most of the developing countries have taken initiatives and motivates people to have small families. On the other side, the crime associated with the employment could be a tackle, most important the masses could be removed. Thence mutual Suffering due to downtrodden can be overcome.

Slow business expansion- Lead Unemployment

Earlier for the particular tasks, thousands or hundred people are required to accomplish it on time. Since there are transitions in economies are occurring, this affects the lifestyle of people marginally. The expansion of business also depends on skilled labor and transition economies. The social problem of unemployment has extensively repercussion on people’s security and business expansion. It mostly affects the underdeveloped societies where working communities are there but no businesses lead them unemployed. The challenges lie in the mechanism and operation so that we can use labor as an asset for the company. This using of the labor force as assets will become a catalyst to accelerate economic growth. To allow the people to participate in the working zone, it will become easier to access the information from them.                                            

Low wages below the Market Rate- influence skilled Unemployment

The problem of long term employment could lead to a resurgence of poverty. Besides, the unequal distribution of income typically focuses on skilled labor. The competition between skilled workforces depends a lot on the wages. When a large number of skilled unemployed people becoming part of the economy then how much the company pays them matters a lot.The restructuring of enterprises that didn’t coincide with the expected income has influenced skilled unemployment. This increased problem keeps on affecting employment came as a result of demographic movements. This further causes the migration of people which in return convert into brain drain. Most of the developed companies have become an eyewitness of brain drain situation. To know how migration affects unemployment, visit for online assignment help services help hosted by experts.

Unemployment- Leads to health risks

A strong relationship between health and unemployment causes health risk diseases, and specific death because of bronchitis, influenza, pneumonia, and diabetes. Unemployment also causes severe mental illness as suggested by the National Health Strategy. This is immediately distressing the children’s lives but also have long term consequences for their educational and social failures. People with low education and skills are tending to be more unemployed. This would have a great impact on everything. Family stress arising from poverty creates mental pressure. Although this scenario ultimately leads to health risks or increases the number of the patient. Unemployment also leads to substantial alienation of a large number of young adults. If the government wants to uproot unemployment, they need to distribute resources equally and supply good medical attention to everyone.


Unemployment is the major problem that creates disturbance, stress and lowers down a growing economy. The personal and social concern has been associated with poverty, population, lack of technologies, health risks, and slow expansion of the business. All these issues arise when unemployment exponentially grow within countries. This certainly remarks about the serious problems of housing and hopeless life. Unemployment causes harm for the economy not in the sense of waste of resources but also by building pressure on the community.

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