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The National Honour Society (NHS) is probably the biggest nationwide organization for high school students in the United States of America and outlying territories. The structure of an organization consists of several chapters in high schools around the state. Participation in the NHS is respected and widely admired. Only the best and deserving students are considered into the ranks of the organization.

Selection of the candidates is based on four basic criteria

  • Scholarship (academic achievement),
  • Leadership,
  • Service,

The organization requires some sort of service from the candidate to the society, community, school, or such other organizations. The candidate must demonstrate that apart from being a brilliant student, he or she is also a valuable and cooperative member of society. Student groups of NHS are usually active in the various undertakings of community services. They give useful assistance to different schools and the community. Many chapters of NHS have a requirement list ready for their members to take part in such services and events. Firstly to apply to become a member of NHS, a student must compose an NHS essay, expressing in details why he or she is suitable to be a part of this organization.

NHS essay is an intricate structure of views that is aimed to achieve different purposes. The main motive of an NHS essay is to understand how a candidate proves that he or she is eligible to join this prestigious organization and their presentation of the same. The candidates should present themselves as model NHS candidates. Thus, the applicant should address all the major requirements of the membership, which take into account individual talents or academic accomplishments, as well as one’s persona and leadership experience. The essay has to be well designed and written with clarity and simplicity. It may be a narrative, which exhibits leadership qualities and individuality of the applicant. Therefore, it would be useful to cultivate good essay writing skills.

The purpose of the National Honour Society Essay
The main basis of an NHS essay is to show how to present a candidate and prove to the committee that he or she deserves to join this esteemed organization. While composing an NHS essay, the high school student should take into account the selection criteria enumerated in the above section. The candidate should address each and every criterion. It will help earn optimistic favour of the committee and give you a possibility to present your accurate character.

As any accurately written essay, NHS essay must be well designed, helpful, and sincere. Do not disregard the rules of writing an essay yourself. It is vital that the written essay is personal and exclusive. Presence of plagiarism or piracy in the text of your essay will destruct your character and chances of becoming a prestigious member of NHS. Merely a well-written essay does not automatically assure that you will be accepted into an organization. It also depends greatly on whether you meet all the other the selection criteria. However, such an essay will definitely attract attention to your candidacy and will pull you out from the rest of other applicants.

Key tips to write a National Honour Society Essay:

  1. The number one purpose of the essay is to prove how you meet stringent requirements as a worthy candidate. In this regard, you have to meet all the required selection criteria. Accordingly, it’s important to make an exhaustive list of appreciated NHS essay ideas and key elements for your essay.
  2. Before you begin applying to NHS, brainstorm various appropriate ideas or crucial topics to be considered in your essay. Then, write a primary draft on your essay and ask an expert to assess it. Include helpful feedback and recommendations when refining your essay into the final essay for submission. Always give yourself sufficient time to write several drafts of a related essay.
  3. It’s up to you to emphasize your academic success. You should furnish related data. It’s because NHS officially acknowledges the thoroughness needed for all these types of courses. Do not forget to comment on your GPA (grade point average).
  4. Another necessary condition for writing such an essay is your honesty and integrity. The heart of the NHS essay is to tell people of yourself as well as your achievements. Therefore, the more information you give about your distinctive character, honesty and leadership skills, better the results will be. The selection members at NHS are keen to know about your various interests, aptitudes, and achievements.
  5. Your leadership skills should be clearly highlighted in your NHS essay. In the paperwork thoroughly describe how you managed to acquire a leadership position in this particular organization. Apparently, the selection members of NHS would like to know about your experiences as a leader. Make sure to write sufficient suitable leadership examples in the essay.
  6. In the NHS essay, you should visibly exhibit your firm character. Show yourself as a strong-minded person and then elaborate on why you are appropriate in this description.
  7. Your understanding and various experiences are what the NHS members are really interested in. Demonstrate your diverse service experiences, as it’s a standard norm for a nomination. Give details of any service hours completed during the year. Mention all the service organizations you participated in, including your community or school service projects.
  8. Ensure to focus your character especially as related to NHS applications. You might do this by relating a story that reflects your personal character. Because there are several insights about what represents a character. You may give your own meaning of solid character and describe how and why you are worthy of that description
  9. It’s up to you to change your academic paper to be concise and crisp. At the same time, it should be engaging enough for your readers. You can add entertaining material like an amusing anecdote, especially if it’s closely linked with the reason why you can be a valuable member of the NHS.
  10. Lastly, you have to assign sufficient time to edit some drafts of your essay. Protection Status
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