The risks and rewards of generative AI in the classroom?


The artificial intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence has become a familiar term in the human language and the human world. AI has sipped into many human activities and has made many industries work effortlessly, however, the usage of AI in schools is a distinct story.

Artificial intelligence in schools

 Like every contemporary technology, that is available on a wide scale comes with certain pros and cons. We are nonetheless figuring out how it can be used in schools.

 There’s no denying how much an AI with good implementation can benefit students’ growth such as marking tests, creating personalized assessments, and assembling courses that a teacher might not be able to accomplish all at once.

The implementation of artificial intelligence

 If AI is enforced correctly not only the teachers be satisfied but they can also give additional attention to learners. All the nonteaching things such as creating examinations, marking quizzes, and even developing timetables can be given to AI. It can even produce videos on the spot for specific ideas or concepts to enable the student to visualize.

Does artifice intelligence replace teachers?

of course, this may come across as replacing teachers nevertheless far from the truth the application of AI is to support teachers and create a better learning situation for the student rather than replace humans as teachers are not only educators but also guides, and human approval is something that AI cannot mimic.  Human emotions Regardless can not be reproduced by artificial intelligence.

The drawbacks of artificial intelligence

The mishandling of generative AI can lead to a worsening familiarity with the subject that a student might be learning, as AI can simply provide all the explanations that lead to no level of critical thinking and problem-solving.

The easiest way to defraud

A student might be compelled to defraud as it is way uncomplicated. The benefit of calculators, especially in the early levels of school, leads to a lower understanding of math as solving equations becomes manageable. Accordingly, these unauthorized aids for students may guide to academic decline, and even now most schools have yet to add a system that can prevent students from plagiarizing.

The way forward

 While the usage of AI with teachers can guide to much better education, which is easier and more fun for teachers and learners, AI can be equally hazardous, if not manipulated properly. To prevent these, we have yet to find a satisfactory way other than banning these AIs from usage, and having detection tools that can detect the help of AI is a necessary step.

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