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It can be stated that corporate governance refers to the way based on which the companies can be governed and accomplish their objectives under different circumstances. This should be noted that online assignment help Perth   as a primary element of the culture and business practices of NAB, the corporate governance framework guides the management to consider the effective decision making in all aspects of the group under different situations. 

Corporate Governance Culture of NAB

The culture in relation to the corporate governance of NAB is strong and they properly follow their corporate governance principles and regulations under different circumstances. However the management board of NAB has established the Colleague Strategy for delivering the goal or objectives of  Online Assignment help Melbourne, having trusted professionals who are part of the NAB (, 2023). Hence as a part of their culture, the strategic aspirations of NAB includes the following ones, such as

(Source:, 2023)

Talented and Efficient Professionals for Shaping the Future Banking System: The management board of NAB always fosters the market leading, diverse banking professionals and tends to attract, develop as well as retain the top and efficient talents for the help and assistance for Do my assignment Gold Coast. The organisational and working culture of NAB empowers the colleagues and workers to properly learn as well as grow, so that they can build the digital as well as data capabilities through which one can pursue the exciting career opportunities (Zaman et al. 2022).

Distinctive Leaders: The strong corporate governance of NAB always encourages them to build capable, clear as well as motivated leaders who can drive the positive changes and in this way they can connect their other subordinates to serve the customers in a well manner. In this way, the communities of NAB can prosper. The leaders always create a winning environment, so that the success as well as contributions can be celebrated. (, 2023)

Employee Engagement and Motivation: The strong corporate governance culture indicates the management of NAB to engage their employees more and motivate them to do work (, 2023). The management of NAB always cares for their customers and has become very much passionate regarding their exceptional service as well as execution excellence. They always focus on their top priorities and continue with their work in a flexible way and at a good pace. In this way, the employees can get their reward fairly for their efficient performance.

Inclusive Culture: The key aim and objective of NAB is agile, accountable as well as progressive culture where the customers are served properly and employees can have fun and maintain their well-being (Aguilera et al. 2021). The management collaborates with different departments for accelerating the decision making and customer outcomes.

Roles and Responsibilities of Board

There are several roles and responsibilities of the board which can be carried out by management of NAB. By performing these different roles and responsibilities, the management tends to strengthen their corporate governance more under different situations. Hence, the discussion regarding this matter is as follows, such as,

Leadership and Stakeholder Focus: The board of NAB represents the shareholders and tends to serve the interest of the organisation by overseeing as well as evaluating different strategies, framework as well as performance and policies (Bhagat and Bolton, 2019). In this way, it can be ensured that stakeholders are being informed with the performance of the company as well as some major key developments which can affect its state of affairs.

Strategy and Performance: The board of NAB always guides the company to adopt the strategic direction properly and monitor adequately the execution of the strategies as well as performance of this organisation. This can be performed to oversee that the sustainable value has been built for the shareholders under different situations. Furthermore the board as a part of the corporate governance also approves the capital expenditures as well as other business initiatives (, 2023).

External Reporting: Along with the guidance of the audit committee, the audited annual report of the group along with half-yearly financial statements can be reviewed and approved. The board also approves as well as considers the corporate responsibility as well as climate related disclosure.

Risk Management: The group obeys the guidance of the risk and compliance committee and as a part of this committee they have adopted the appropriate framework of the risk management as well as non-financial risk Framework through which the internal compliance as well as control system can be obtained (, 2023).

Remuneration: Under the guidance of the people and remuneration committee, this group has adopted remuneration Framework which is aligned with the purpose, values as well as strategic objectives and risk appetites of the company.

Board Composition, Performance and Diversity

In this section, the discussion will be made based on the board composition, performance as well as diversity in this context (, 2023). Considering the corporate governance report of NAB, the following discussion can be performed, such as,

Board Composition and Performance

The composition of the Board of NAB can be informed by the following principles, such as,

  • The board of NAB should be an appropriate size which can allow the board to take efficient decisions
  • The board should consist of most of the independent non executive directors
  • The board also should include the directors with different range of skills, expertise as well as experience along with different faces of diversity which should include the gender (Hakimah et al. 2019)
  • The chair should be an independent non-executive director and they shouldn’t be a NAB executives or the group CEO within the past three years

In accordance with the above discussion, it can be found out that the board of NAB with the assistance of the governance and nomination committee has been reviewed and considered that existing workload of all the directors. From this examination, it can be concluded that each director of the board is equally qualified and has enough capacity for undertaking the responsibilities which can be expected as the director of NAB under different situations (, 2023).

Board Diversity

However the above statistics is the board tenure as well as gender diversity. From that statistics, it can be found out that the board gender diversity has 62.5% male and 37.5% female which shows the average balance of the diversity of the board in this context. (, 2023)

Code of Conduct of NBC

This can be stated that the code of conduct of NAB has been revised in the year of 2020 and approved by the board precisely. The code of conduct of NAB therefore has outlined the expected performance from the leaders, directors, contractors as well as colleagues under different situations (Braun, 2021). Hence, as a part of the code of conduct, following disciplines should be maintained by the board in this context, such as,

Implementation of APRA Self-assessment Actions: As the banking as well as financial services Royal Commission has undertaken a self-assessment in 2018 on the accountability and culture as well as governance, the changes have been made to the way through which NAB operates. This reform program has initiated the improvement in the accountability, culture as well as governance for addressing the key causes of the previous failings under different situations (, 2023).

Responsible Remuneration: The board is responsible for monitoring as well as managing the executives and group remuneration frameworks of NAB. In this way, they try to ensure the alignment with the purpose of the group, their strategic objectives as well as risk appetite.

Focus on Shareholders: This should be noted that the board members of NAB and its management always value the transparent, timely as well as open communication as well as they engage with shareholders and investors in different ways (Farooq et al. 2022). In this regard it can be found out that, the communication regarding the key developments as well as matters of interest can be done through open letters as well as publications from the chair of the board and group CEO.

Social Impact: The policy of work to drive the positive social impact by NAB has been contributed to the long term pillar of the strategy of NAB. In this way, the board can easily address the challenges regarding big sustainability like changes in climate or the affordable housing which need significant business investment (, 2023).

Stakeholder Engagement: The board of NAB has engaged the stakeholders from different types of social as well as environmental organisations where the feedback can be obtained regarding their approach, material issues facing NAB and the progress under different situations.


However based on the above discussion, it can be stated that, National Australia Bank always strives to improve their accountability, governance as well as risk management practice to strengthen their overall operations under different situations. Corporate governance is considered as the system of practices, rules as well as processes through which the organisation is controlled as well as directed. NAB follows 4th edition ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Principles and Recommendations of Corporate Governance. It can be expected that despite different kinds of strategic turmoil, the board of NAB would be able to perform effectively.

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