Economic Recession

The Causes And Effects Of Economic Recession

There has been a drastic change in the world economy in the last three months due to a rare disaster that has taken the lives of thousands of people. To save lives countries all over the world have taken up measures of self-quarantine putting the countries under a state of lockdown where the business...

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AI Vs. Corona Virus: How AI Helping Fight Against COVID-19?

The novel CORONAVIRUS has infected 4,999,235 people all over the world with over 325,125 deaths in more than 160 countries from a span of Jan 2020 until today as per the latest survey reports from the World Health Organization. The virus has not just affected the lives of commoners but has also had its...

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Implementing 5 Stages For The Consumer Decision Making Process

A detailed study of consumer behavior to understand market trends is essential for the growth of any organization that offers goods or services to consumers in the global market. While deciding about a particular product or service the consumer goes through several steps which involves identifying their own needs, gathering information about the product...

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Facts You Need To Know About Labor And Employment Law

Labor law traditionally defines the relationship between unions, employers, and employees. It allows employees to form unions and engage in protests against the organization for the benefit of the employees. On the other hand, employment law defines the negotiated relationship of the employers and the employees. Career prospects in either of these two fields...

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Why Indian Students Prefer Singapore For MBA Education

Singapore has become an education hub due to several quality institutions. Students from all over the world travel every year to Singapore to pursue higher education. Singapore offers a variety of courses to students but, MBA course has gained the maximum popularity among Indian students in Singapore. Masters of Business Administration has come into...

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Role And Importance Of Talent Management In Business Success

Starting from the identification of the talented employees to retaining them, Talent Management has set the new paradigm in terms of locating skilled employees. Following Human Capital study, the major challenges occur in the workforce surrounds talent acquisition, retention, shortage of leadership and developing capabilities. These experiencing scenarios are co-related with talent management processing...

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Effect vs Affect

Effect vs Affect: The Easiest Way to Remember the Concept

There is a big difference between writing an assignment by memorizing the concept and writing an assignment by understanding the concept. However, the intentions are the same for both the scenarios and i.e, remembering a concept for a longer time. Today we are going to discuss the effects of learning techniques on the human...

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