AI Vs. Corona Virus: How AI Helping Fight Against COVID-19?

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The novel CORONAVIRUS has infected 4,999,235 people all over the world with over 325,125 deaths in more than 160 countries from a span of Jan 2020 until today as per the latest survey reports from the World Health Organization. The virus has not just affected the lives of commoners but has also had its impact on the global economy. The lockdown measures taken by the government across different states in several countries have considerably decreased the economy around the world. 

Computer Science has evolved with time to meet the daily requirements of human beings and owing to this emergency AI has stepped forward to help fight against the virus.

In this article, we are going to discuss how artificial intelligence is helping human beings fight against the pandemic.

Steps That Are Taken By AI To Fight Corona Virus

  • The main reason for the spread of COVID 19 is migration. AI is being used to track the spread of the disease throughout the world. So that necessary actions can be taken. With the help of AI Disease Surveillance, it is easier to identify the affected areas at a lightning speed.
  • The coronavirus is extremely contagious and thus endangers the lives of medical representatives who are stepping forward to treat the infected people. Looking at the high-risk factors, artificial intelligence is being used to develop a virtual healthcare agent with multi-lingual facilities. It has been programmed to answer questions related to COVID 19. These virtual beings can provide reliable information and specific guidelines related to measures to avoid getting infected and checking and monitoring the symptoms of people suggesting whether they need to be sent to a hospital or a home quarantine.
  • COVID 19 crisis has led thousands of people towards sickness. With limited medical representatives, it was almost impossible for hospital authorities to attend to every individual and deliver the same level of care and assistance. But, with artificial intelligence, this problem has been successfully overcome. AI has helped improve the diagnostic time.
  • The public areas like airports, railway stations are the high-risk areas as there are higher chances of people getting infected due to the excessive mob. To stop the spread of the virus Government has banned people from visiting these places. They have also taken the help of AI to secure these places by deploying multisensory technology in hospitals, nursing homes as well as railway stations and airports. This is a technology defined to detect people with fever by tracking their movement and facial expression. It also helps authorities identify people with face marks. This technology is commonly called AI facial recognition and fever detector.

The only way to stop the spread of this virus is by maintaining the norms of social distancing. The government has implemented strict rules for people and wants them to abide by these rules until the situation is stabilized. Therefore there is an urgent need to monitor and see whether or not they are being followed by the individuals. This is where AI has proven to be very beneficial. People are successful in making drones and robots. 

  • Public awareness has become a must to avoid panic attacks in humans. For this purpose, robots are being used to generate information about the virus and the risks involved with it. Drones are used to identify people who do not follow the government rules. For example, it can be used to pick on people who do not use a mask on the streets.
  • There has been no cure found for this virus. AI has helped to form a drug module for the cure of the coronavirus which has been sent for trial. The algorithms of AI helped to discover the exact molecular structure which was otherwise difficult to invent without the help of AI. It comes useful to build antibodies and vaccines which can be utilized to break the chain of the corona.
  • Artificial intelligence has also been playing a vital role in educating the people on social media platforms regarding the facts of the virus. The information provided using AI is verified using reliable sources.
  • Artificial intelligence with its technology is successful in creating hope in the minds of the people. AI has lent a hand of help to the medical professionals. Students who are perusing a course in artificial intelligence can take the help of assignment writers available online to get a clear perspective on how it has been fighting against the virus.  


Thus it can be said that artificial intelligence has been proven to be beneficial to mankind in the following ways-

  • AI is capable of tracking the spread of the disease with the help of disease surveillance.
  • AI helped to create a multi-lingual virtual healthcare agent. It is also used to monitor the symptoms of patients getting affected by the virus.
  • AI has helped to reduce the diagnostic time because of which the medical representatives are being able to take active measures and save lives.
  • AI has helped in deploying multisensory in high-risk zones like hospitals and hospitals. This helps to detect people with fever by gauging their movement and facial expression.
  • The government has instructed people to maintain social distancing to decrease their chances of getting infected by deploying robots and drones. Drones help to monitor people and identify the ones who are not abiding by the rules. Similarly, robots are used to minimize human contact.
  • The algorithms of AI helped to discover the exact molecular structure which was otherwise difficult to invent without the help of AI. These structures are essential to invent a vaccine for the disease.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, there is one more area which has suffered the impact of the virus. And, that is the education sector. This is one more area where artificial intelligence has established its footmarks. Due to the sudden lockdown, the education institutions have been forced to close down and the entire education system shifted from on campus to the online mode of learning.

Students are taking the help of services like online essay help to cope up with their studies even in these difficult times. The routines of students have drastically changed but thanks to the artificial intelligence it could not much hamper the future of our young adults. SourceEssay has also stepped forward to provide online assignment help to students and help them overcome this crisis with ease.  

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