Software Development Life-Cycle

Software Development Life-Cycle

Marc Anderseen once produced an oft-quoted line, in the future,  most of the  companies might become a software company. One thing that can be deduced from the above statement, in future a wide range of new software tools and apps will be flourished and utilize at each department of an organization. But the question arises here, how will be software development takes on a large scale?

Much has been written by experts, there is a shortage of IT talents has been seen in several parts of an organization that leads to the development of software and mobile apps. This is turn burgeoning the demand of software development in order to make sense among enormous activities happen in the IT department and combating the flow of information (Ladyka & Porezanov 2020). Consequently, it has seen many CIOs and IT talents have listed a long list of software. In this course, we need to first understand the actual meaning of the software development life cycle.

A software development cycle referred to as a process software industry uses to design, develop and testing high-quality software. This is often considered a detailed plan to describe how software is being developed, maintain or its feature alter to enhance software quality. It is aiming to improve the overall development process of software also captures methodologies used in the direction of software development. In other words, we can say, software development model maps several activities rights from its inception to its retirement. The purpose of the article is to represent essential components of a software development cycle and reflecting phases leading high-quality software.

Software Development Cycle- An Overview

Any department of a company has to determine the plan at first and then observe it. Like product life cycle, software development life cycle doesn’t seem similar and systematic. When a representative is going to symbolize or developing software, they first need to understand how and when activities should be done. Otherwise, it will cause distortion and the whole project will be dumped. 

According to IBM report, 80% of the enterprises are forming collaboration with developers to drive greater innovation (Landa, 2019). Many of us are using off-shelf tech solution like Zendesk officially used by the IT department for sharing data or formulating business strategies.

In this course, Software development cycle works as indispensable components to determine tech solution efficiency and how much it can adhere to business operation. In the given below figure stages of software development has been proposed by essay deustch

Stages Of Software Development Cycle

Requirement Analysis- A typical software development cycle first begin with requirement analysis performed by senior management experts through market surveys. The information gained further utilized to plan basic project approach and to gain product feasibility at an economical scale.

In the opinion of assignment helpers, the risk associated with the projects is also visualized at this step and define technical requirement followed by implemented project successfully.

Determining Requirements- Once requirements are analyzed, the next step attributing defining the requirements and then getting approval from market analysis. A software document specification has been done for all the requirements designed and developed during the product life cycle. In case you want information on software development stages, then you can also ask for online assignment help experts of SourceEssay.

Designing- At this step, product architecture comes out specifying SRS. Usually, more than one design is used to form structured under Design Document Specification. 

The DDS is further reviewed by all the stakeholders based on several parameters like risk assessments, design modularity, product robustness, time constraints and budget. A communication design must signify all the architectural modules along with presenting data from among external and internal party. The internal design should reflect the minutes’ details of the DDS

Developing Product- The actual development of products starts at this stage via programming reflected under the DDS module. If a design is performed in an organized manner, then coding will be done without any distortion. Different high-level programming language like C++, C Javascript, Python, Perl etc has been utilized by coders to develop products. In case you need programming assignment help to complete your papers on time, then essay helpers of SourceEssay would be an appropriate option for you.

Testing- This stage usually referred subset of all the stages defined under SDLC models. This stage reported defects and then retreat it. It again tracked, fixed and retested products until it reaches to quality standard indicated by SRS (Altvatar,2020).

Deployment- Now this is a time when the product is going to be deployed in the user-friendly environment. Once software identified is free from error or bugs, then it will be deployed. Sometimes product launching can be done in a line segment and tested in a real business environment. 

Then based on the feedbacks, products will further be released in market aftermath maintenance will be progressed from the existing customers.

SDLC Models

As defined by IT essay writer Adelaide , The most common SDLC models are-

WaterFall model

This is one of the oldest models where each phase has its mini-plan, also each phase has a waterfall.  The biggest advantage identified by researchers is it may exclude minute detail through processes (SimpleEasyLearning,2020).

Agile Model

This model used to separate product from its cycle and deliver working product promptly. This produces several succession of release (Okesola,, 2020). But Robert hall has identified its major disadvantage i.e this model heavenly emphasized on customer interaction that further leads to project perception in the wrong direction

Iterative Model

This model supports repetition. A developer can create this version very quickly at low cost and they try to improve its successive result. One of its disadvantages has been identified is it can utilize all the resources rapidly if left unchecked

Big Bang Model

This high risk contained SDLC model largely used for small enterprise to develop works. But it is asked for thorough requirements at each stage

Benefits of SDLC Model

  • It allows the highest level of control on the management process
  • Developers can easily apprehend requirements 
  • It enhances review and assures the quality of the product
  • It involved explicit steps(IntellactSoft,2019)
  • It provides comprehendible goals that meet the standards set by the party
  • Cost evaluation for the system can be done without any hassle

Drawbacks of SDLC Models

  • It sometimes increases the cost for the product development
  • In this model, all the system information should be specified at first
  • Documentation volume can be increased with time
  • It shows inflexibility when change required
  • An outdated process
  • Testing might not always suitable for the development teams


In this blog, we have first defined the growing need for understanding IT solutions and then defined the actual definition of SDLC. Therefore we have concluded a software development life cycle referred to as a process software industry uses to design, develop and testing high-quality software. In the next section we have enumerated six stages of  SDLC which follow as, Requirement Analysis, Determining requirements, designing, development, testing and at last deployment of the product. We have also analyzed and reviewed a few SDLC model in this article those are Agile, iterative, waterfall and a big bang. In the course of defining SDLC model advantages, we came to know one of the significant benefits follows as it enhances review and assures quality of the product at the same time it shows inflexibility when change is required.

But if you need programming assignment help in UK ,then get in touch with SourceEssay experts today.


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