Meeting Minutes And Its Significance

Meeting Minutes

In a business organization, meeting plays significant roles in decision making and achieving business goals. The meeting enables people to do face to face interaction at the same time also known for resolving cascade of issues to finalize agenda.

The most common advantage of the meeting are-

  • A meeting is known as the democratic process for decision making
  • A decision can be improved through conducting meetings
  • It leads to participative management where all the people sit together and lead effective decisions
  • A meeting can be considered as coordinators 
  • It helps in conveying a message in gathering
  • It supports necessary information to a large group of people

Since you must have realized the meeting importance, now this is time to discuss an important segment of the meeting i.e. meeting minutes. Let’s diver deeper to explore other dimensions of meeting minutes-

Meeting Minutes

The meeting is an integral part of all the organization where people connect and discuss their roles, communicate their ideas, retrieve solutions and business activities that can’t be concluded without any discussion (Brett Brett,& Strauch,2007). 

Though it is possible to keep meeting records via videos, but this can be cumbersome and generally seems to be expensive. The easiest and most commonly used method to record the meeting and what is being said discussed preserved under document is known as meeting minutes.

Meeting minutes are termed as a documentary record of meeting proceedings and therefore they have large and great procedural value

In an opinion of management essay writer, a meeting minutes is generally written in bullets, highlights significant parts of the discussion.

Meeting Minute Format

A meeting minute format largely depends on the organization guidelines which usually begin with a company name. It also includes a list of people who attended meetings, time and chairperson (dll Version, 2007). However, the most commonly used meeting minutes template suggested by the essay writer are-

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An Example Of Meeting Minutes

Grow Leadership Industry



Meeting of members of HR department of Grow leadership has been held at conference room around 10:00A.M

Present- Mr.Zack, Mrs Sophie

Absent- Mr. Jack

  • Confirming minutes of Previous meeting

The minutes of meetings on 25 march, 2019 were approved by president

  • Recruitment Review Process

Mr. Jack has proposed to make recruiting process more stringent. Five levels of interview has been proposed by Mrs Sophie

  • Training Finalization

The secretary approved twenty training programs for existing candidates which was ten. Mr jack expressed reservation in training for disable persons

  • Pay Scale Revisions

Mr. Jack proposed to reviewed pay scales before taking final decisions

  • Next Meeting

Next meeting will be held on 7 September, 2020

  • Vote for thanks

President Joy’s efforts and ended meeting on a thank note

  • Signature



A resolution is a formal way company note down decisions made up by meeting members. Two types of resolution are special and ordinary.

Every organization has to operate its function according to a resolution adopted by meeting minutes. These resolutions passed through general meetings or executive meetings. For adhering resolution certain steps have followed-

  • The drafting of resolution has to be carried out with great precision
  • Different forms and styles can be utilized to draft resolutions
  • Resolution should be entered into Minutes books
  • Once a resolution is passed, it cant be revoked or cancelled


In this blog, we have analyzed several aspects of meeting and determine how to write meeting minutes. Thus we have concluded a meeting enables people to do face to face interaction at the same time also known for resolving cascade of issues to finalize agenda. Similarly, a meeting minute is termed as a documentary record of meeting proceedings. We have defined meeting minutes formats that include a list of people who attended meetings, time and chairperson and end with thanking note. At last, we have discussed resolution which is considered a formal way via company note down decisions made up by meeting members.

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