How to Write an Essay on Women’s Right


The subject of women’s rights is one of the most related ones in the current civilization. Although the feminist movement has been active for years, only now it can be said that the playing field has become relatively smooth. However, the fight is still not over, and women rights essays can play an important part in the promotion of gender equality.

Essays and books that wrote about women’s rights issues have had great inspiration for society. Speeches, social activities, and publications are a small slice of the unrelenting and continuous struggle of women for their rights and freedoms. Women are accustomed to discriminations at schools, colleges, and work. Many of them have restricted access to recourse and politics. Domestic violence and sexual assaults are rampant all over the world on regular basis. Feminism is a woman’s choice to compete against these discriminations to build a more impartial society.

What Is a Women’s Rights Essay?
A women’s rights essay is an essay written on subjects associated with feminism, women empowerment, and women’s rights movements. It may contain the research of historical facets of women’s rights movements, inspecting and evaluating the most vital difficulties associated with restriction of women’s rights and freedoms, women empowerment, and emphasising probable answers to the complications. Typically, women right essay writing is in analytical, expressive, or convincing style. These essays should be built on published articles and publications from dependable sources. Each and every point of view should be sustained by proofs with quotations, statistics, or facts.

Introduction of a Women’s Rights Essay
It is difficult to understand from where to start and how to cover through loads of reading material. This is why it is very essential to know how to start a women’s rights essay. The first step is finding a worthy subject. When it comes to selecting a subject and writing the thesis statement for a women’s rights movement essay, these following pieces of advice may help:

  • Topic selected should be both original and unique
  • It also should not very complex because writing the essay on women’s rights movement would be too challenging
  • It is sensible to write on a topic that you have some data, knowledge, and information about
  • The topic must be of interest to your readers, therefore making it relevant.

Body for an Essay on Women’s Rights
The essay body has to comprise the majority part of the information and aids to verify your thesis statement. Conventionally, this segment should contain at least three paragraphs that develop the main idea of your topic and provide the details of your findings.

Each paragraph should be devoted to a particular feature of your topic and start with a substantial argument. That reasoning should be supported by sentences that provide the required context for its understanding. It’s also suggested to add quotes from distinguished women’s rights fighters and to cite trustworthy sources.

The motive of the conclusion is to highlight the significance of the rational existing in the main body and to restate your thesis statement. However, do not make the error of simply replicating the same sentence again. Instead, you have to rephrase them in an original way, so that the duplication isn’t too obvious to the reader. This is done by summarizing the most important details and views articulated in the body and displaying how they are all secured together. Remember, to convey your opinions with self-assurance, as your inference is a strong statement and not a question. A women’s rights essay should preferably close with few sentences that inspire the reader to pursue exploring this topic and to inform others about the presence of this problem.

Women’s Rights Essay Examples
For a better grasp of essay writing on this subject matter, let’s select “Women’s Contribution during World War 2” as a topic. During the Second World War women’s struggles were concentrated more on fundamental changes. At the time of the Second World War women’s position was more stable as opposed in the First World War.
The first argument of such an essay would be that women were allowed to join the armed forces and became involved in war-related military equipment production. The second point you could make is about the role that women played performing volunteer work, either in industry or in voluntary organizations. The third body paragraph would refer to the evidence that the women were allowed to work sixteen hours a day and carry out duties conventionally allocated to men. However, they were paid less than men. The conclusion of this essay would review all of those opinions, but would also raise the fact that women’s rights were still mostly overlooked during those years. Their place in society was still less respected, in comparison with men’s position,

Another women’s rights essay example is titled “The Three Waves of Feminism.” At the start of this essay, you could mention that all three waves played a vital role in the struggle for women’s rights and the modernisation of the interpretation of sex and gender. Each wave of feminism is founded on the successes and failures of preceding generations of women.

The main segment should involve three sections, each narrating the significance of a particular wave. Thus, the first section would be the introduction of suffrage and voting rights as a reward for the struggles made by the first wave feminists. The subsequent section should discuss that the members of the second wave of feminism emphasised the significance of abortion and child care rights, as well as other issues, which included women’s recognition of unpaid labour, right to use health care services and equal pay for equal work. The last section could contain information about how third wave feminism endorsed its ideas and took part in social activism, to increase awareness about women’s rights problems on a higher scale than ever before. The third wave feminism is based on criticism of combined past of women’s movement and building a more diverse and dynamic movement. It is reflected by the bigger role of multiculturalism. Social activism helped in developing feminist ideas and directing the hurdles instigated by diverse society.

The conclusion of this essay should join all the previous sections together and use them to support the thesis statement. Protection Status
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