How do you examine the effects of Social Media Marketing on Consumer Behaviour on Pepsi brand ?


With the rise in the field of social media marketing and some companies are still using conventional ways Pepsi is a brand that utilized every possible way to connect with people. the analysis of social media marketing on consumer behaviour. The Pepsi label implicates evaluating different aspects of consumer behaviour and analysing how social media marketing techniques utilized by Pepsi impact those behaviours.

Pepsi’s geo-local reach refers to its ability to target specific geographic locations with its marketing efforts

Pepsi always tries to create buzz on social media. The new campaign of SoLoMo stands for social, local, and mobile. With the high usage of mobile phones and people getting attracted to social media, Pepsi influences

social media platforms‘ geo-targeting of the audience. They try to incorporate their promotions into distinct territories, location-based marketing approach is fundamentally used them. The expert from the company, Smith discussed how concentrating its marketing notifications on regional audiences, can fetch good results.

Social media platforms like Facebook and its location-based information can help to showcase advertisements based on consumer locations. This strategy of consumer behavior to understand their culture and region-specific agenda is assisting Pepsi to improve applicability and reverberate with clients in various areas.

Pepsi can develop region base social media drives that can help consumers to connect with the company. The strategy of the tendencies such as region cultural nuances, and interests of specific territories.

Pepsi has cracked the code of how to use different challenges and how to incorporate user-generated content (UGC) as an aspect of its procedure to immerse its audience and intensify, its sales and image. Pepsi initiated the #PepsiChallenge, this challenge perhaps online although they started this challenge in 1975 by providing two samples in two glasses and Asking testers if one is better most people in America liked Pepsi.

This challenge was again adopted online with a hashtag. The consumers post about their sentiments and appreciation either for Pepsi or Coke. People were asked to post videos or photos conveying their appreciation using the hashtag. This campaign was successful and provoked a substantial quantity of UGC, developing dialogues and debates among consumers which is better.

Data and beyond

Smith discussed how the conventional methods of advertising which were shown on television were based on not huge data regarding the consumers, data such as age, gender, culture, demography, interests, etc considered with the social media platform the data is different, diverse, and in huge quantity.

Two major components of social media marketing and consumer behavior are evaluation procedures, it becomes feasible to explore the impacts of Pepsi’s social media marketing on consumer behaviour.

The huge level of data regarding advertisements and social media-based performances and tools to analyse is there. Which helps to strategize the future and present method to influence.


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