Explain how Connection Between Lifestyle Branding and Influencer Marketing is successful for NIK?


The connection between lifestyle branding and influencer marketing can be approvingly thriving for Nike. The approach can help the label to align its developments, views, and perspective with the aspirational lifestyles of its target audience.

Influencer marketing is something that has the potential to be a ten billion industry in the upcoming future. The emergence of digital marketing and the peak of influencer marketing can be beneficial for any company.

We all agree that if someone is creating a brand or Lifestyle brand they are aiming to sell their products. Although the strategy of lifestyle branding is something different, they just don’t want you to purchase something from them rather they sell some idea, value a way of life purchased. Lifestyle branding is a popular marketing technique that concentrates on developing a brand image and individuality which has a strong connection to respective lifestyles or some type of significance. This strategy is not dependent on the idea of only promoting it is more than that of product promotion.

These kinds of labels try to pursue the deeper affinity with their consumers. Lifestyle branding intends to stimulate sentiments, resonate with consumers’ individualities, and build a loyal customer, who has immense trust on the brand.

Nike is a brand that is acknowledged and has inaugurated itself as a lifestyle brand which is well known, for its athleticism, soundness, and a “just do it” perspective. Nike collaborating with influencers who have identical values and lifestyles, with the help of Nike can strengthen its brand originality and combine with customers on a deeper.

Influencers who are athletes, health enthusiasts, or individuals known for their enthusiasm, and lifestyles can encourage and inspire Nike’s target audience to embrace an identical lifestyle and associate it with Nike products.

In 2017 Nike started to collaborate with a group of influencers. This group of influencers got an opportunity to inquire into Nike’s establishment, where they explored plenty of things related to the brand, how the brand was established, and its history, they engaged in multiple games, to collect merch. They uploaded these on YouTube and it has video series of more than eleven million views.

Influencers can produce precise and relatable content that reverberates with their supporters. Nike can work with such influencers who genuinely use and appreciate Nike products. This can be greatly beneficial for the brand to influence its credibility and genuineness to construct confidence and credibility with its customers.

Influencer marketing and lifestyle branding can be tremendous for brands like Nike can utilize the whole procedure to gain more audience and influence the younger generations.

Successful lifestyle branding goes beyond trading articles to produce a comprehensive label experience that relates with the values, goals, and desired lives of consumers.


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