How Can Students Make Effective Study Notes?

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Notes making is always considered as a useful tool for students to survive during exams pressure. If your notes are not clear, specific or unorganized at first, heading off to the next level of learning might become difficult. A student starts with exam preparation will definitely require notes that will ease their last-minute preparation. However even if you are attending class and made notes which are not clear or apprehending, you might be stuck with concepts at the last. In this case, you need to be sure notes are prepared in a sophisticated manner and must contain all the points needed to support exams requirements. Through this article, we are going to share effective notes making techniques to help students in the most difficult times-

Characteristics Of Effective Notes

  • Effective notes should be organized into bullets, subheading key ideas and supporting evidence
  • Highlight useful segments underlying and use visual techniques as per essay writer
  • Try to use abbreviations and symbols to solve the problems
  • It consists of examples and must show a connection between the ideas

Effective Note Making Trends-

Structure Notes In Points

Dot points consist network is more helpful then lengthy statements. It must be sure each piece of content must have a solid structure and make a sense. Using different coloured points and outlining the important segment can be useful in processing the information. The proper distribution of the subject into bullets and subheadings provide a better representation of the topic. As said by essay typer of SourceEssay, when exams are approaching, reading notes would be helpful to apprehend the concepts.

Provide Evidence Inside Notes As Per Requirements

Including evidence in the information help you to make sense of the complicated topics. It is extremely useful if you are dealing with maths problems, chemistry and physics where a formula is responsible to solve the problems. It is advised provide evidence inside the notes as per requirements.

Understand Learning Style

The more deep study you do, the more it gets clear. Like it said by instant assignment help experts, students first need to understand learning style. Some students prefer rewriting notes and learning through listening. Some students may go with a visual representation of information like graphics, diagrams and pictures or through physical activity. Indeed it is important to know what sort of learning style supports your learning ability.

 Using The Cornell Method

Cornel method is pretty sure is a more effective way to divide your contents. The paper will be divided into summary, cues and notes. In the notes section, the information will be written while attending lectures, the cues section is filled with the main points or potential test questions, at last in summary section feel free to fill the notes with the doodles, diagrams and examples to make it comprehensive.

Fig- Cornel Note Making Structure

Formulating Notes Using Mind Map Techniques

For preparing notes of specific concepts, as said by assignment help experts mind map techniques help you to get to know about a topic in depth. Getting ideas for the complex topics, this is perfect techniques to understand one particular concept. These methods use several notes and the centric point where title or subject name will be written, whilst in nodes sections notes will be organized in bullet form.

Use Index Cards-

Notes are generally prepared on A4 size sheet then bundle in a ring binder. But when you need to revise the notes, you can form small index cards to organize key concepts and ideas at a single place. On that note, use cards when it is easy to handle bites. In case there is more information, repeat the card and paste it along with the topic. This enables you to create an overall large picture of the concept.

Point to be Noted- Set a margin between key points, record all the bibliographic information, like author information, page number or date of the lecture, and Finally use a highlighter to brainstorm your ideas

Do Following Things Before Making Notes-

  • Check the year of publication, like how up to date the information is?
  • Introduction and preface
  • Check written point is relevant to the task in hand or not
  • Write down all quotation and references in inverted comma with full details
  • Beginning and ending chapters must be worth reading’
  • Use your own words to understand specific point
  • Select word or phrase that seems to be central and concluding same result


A note making always seems as useful for students whether it is time when exams are approaching you. The proper distribution of the subject into bullets and subheadings provide a better representation of the topic. Similarly rewriting the concepts and using mind mapping techniques will make concepts clear.  On the other side, students can use cornel method where segments are segregated and key points are highlighted in the cues section which is filled with the main points or potential test questions. At last students can write summary of the notes so that a brief introduction on the topic accumulated at single spot.  Thus we can note making play an important segment in students’ life if it is made carefully using proper structure.

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