How AI Is Making Human Life More Easy?

Artificial Intelligence In Education

Over the years, Technology consistently increases its arc of development, where slowly and gradually human abilities are augmented by Artificial Intelligence. The ability of Artificial Intelligence to apprehend the human conversation promises the transfer of human lives across the globe. 

As Google CEO, Sunder Pichai says, AI is a core transformative by which we are rethinking and how we are doing everything,

In the processes of navigating the concrete definition of AI influence, there are still needs to uncover the certain aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

Google Duplex that supports Google Assistance is an early attempt to address the challenges found in human communication. By adding the variable intricacies, including grammar, syntax and speaker style, this has considered an initial whisper in the long journey of AI influential.

In Japan, humanoids or robots like a human has deployed in the hospitals contextually monitoring the patient conditions and never let them alone. When we talk about the artificial intelligence in education sector, these educational robots are being in used to Improve English skills. The one of such kind of robots is Hikari Azuma that delivers companionship to the persons (Davenport et al. 2020). Beyond this imaginative cum reality transformation, there are some amazing features that need to be discovered which have been discussed in this article. 

Development Of Artificial Intelligence

When technology penetrates human lives, this becomes equally important to analyze it’s deepen effects. AI is not a new concept. Its storytelling presence can be found in the Greek antiquity. However, a century has passed to break the WWII code by Alan Turing. He created Turing test back in the 1950s that is still in used to determine the machinability.

Coming to 1960s Marvin Minsky founded Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AI laboratory. He helped Stanley Kubrick to produce the best presentation of AI in the form of HL 9000 in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey,” released in 1968 ( Shani, 2018).

But it took a couple of decades to realize the power of Artificial Intelligence

The Beginning Of AI Exposures

The potential of AI to draw maximum revenue is the ultimate thing to measure. The successful internet giant like Google, Amazon, Alibaba services is most likely to driven by AI accurately projected 360-degree customer review. Just like automated ordering of Pizza from dominos, every industry aimed to offer personalized services on a large scale in the presence of AI automation.

AI rises ensuring the productivity and plethora of opportunities to the employees. According to a UBS survey, the progress of the AGI phase is the beginning of independency. When the survey was done, it is estimated the exponential growth and improvements of AI will generate more than 12.5 billion USD revenue by end 2020. Software giants will create significant business ventures like unmanned drones and autonomous vehicles. AI software will be going to assist medical diagnosis and surgeries, improves governance in terms of better decision making (Corea, 2019).

Let’s analyze the current and distinct performance of AI. Virtual assistance or chatbox, Alexa, Apple Siri will offer expert assistance in regards to finance, legal media and insurance. In fact, as per instant essay help on AI, companies are drowning big data and performing manual processing by using AI as a primary driver.

As artificial Intelligence organizes massive amounts of data to provide insights, it detect the patterns, and explore suspicious activities or alert, this enhances the business processes and thus increases the overall organizational performances (Kan et al. 2015). Hence there is no scepticism lies, as soon as machine learning intriguing business, this comes into human daily life activities sooner.

How AI Making Human Life More Easy

Albeit, with the industrial revolution, we have learned trade-off, but with AI creation of things will be determine decision making power. The new emerging artificial intelligence in a daily life trends always were in news whether it is the introduction of an autonomous car, robots, or might be a replicated algorithm (Bolander, 2019). 

In the next 20 or 30 years, we are going to be a very peculiar state in which you will have human drivers and autonomous cars- Eran Shir, CEO and Founder Nexar, Inc.

In an Interview, Eran Shir said, the following condensed of the new version of AI uses vision sensor tracking all the vehicles in the real-time thus accidents could be controlled (Fagella, 2019). 

The self-driving car already exists, but the actual one still not ready for prime time. According to BI Intelligence, there are more than 10 million self-driving cars are ready to dive on the roads. This is expected AI-driven car will improve the quality of life, the best thing is that someone who is visually impaired can speak their phones and take a ride to reach their destination.

Digital Platform And Tailor-Made Environment

This might be wondering a lot, how a newly emerged platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime is liberally using AI to provide entertainment. From streamlined shows to customized playlist at Spotify, everything has been altered and monitored through machine learning (Van et al. 2019). With the advent of deep learning, models of machine such as deep enforcement recognize the pattern and match with voices to serve extreme advantages of artificial Intelligence

Recently Robert De Niro de-aged produced with the AI assistance Martin Scorsese’s epic The Irishman in the creation of brand new visual effects.

Presence of AI will be seen more in Cybersecurity and video games, the extension of 5G and internet communication somewhere included with the hacking, phishing and malware attack. With AI-driven algorithms spotting these attackers become easier. 

On the other side, the current impact of AI clearly reflects in Video gaming. Here in AI is continuing forming Human-like opponents dynamically so that games continually offering challenges and making a game interesting.


By AI having countless benefits of Artificial Intelligence, it can be concluded AI can be seen everywhere where technology is evolved. It makes human lives better in terms of providing better connectivity, addressing challenges in video games, increasing cybersecurity and at last influencing business activities. Right from the voice recognition to advance form of autonomous vehicles, AI is penetrating in human lives and making it easier. But a few people think increased usages of AI-driven tools can make them unemployed, as this needs more clarification. 

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