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Guerrilla Assignment Help

What Is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a very beneficial strategy adopted by almost all businesses and organizations. It acts as a magnifying class when any business or organization starts a campaign. It multiplies the effect of marketing and its campaign. In this, one needs to take a set of marketing actions that are used for marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost it normally would cost, with multiple times the impact of the money spent on that. Here the term guerrilla is very important. It means that it is a non-tactical army that is organized very loosely. This army has to fight with the bigger army and that too organized army. The idea of guerrilla marketing is to help businesses to launch their campaign at a very low price and low budget. So that is why guerrilla marketing is adopted by the small businesses and many start-ups.

Kinds Of Guerrilla Marketing Ideas:

  1. Street Marketing

In this type of marketing, all the marketing campaigns occur in the street and outdoors. It brings all the elements of the street into use. This marketing is very conventional and one can carry out these campaigns very easily. This is very useful to make all people aware of your products and services.

  1. Ambient Marketing

It is a special type of marketing practice that helps in making awareness about the products and services by making them promoting the flow of various things. Generally, these marketing advertisement campaigns occurred in unconventional places. In this type of marketing, businesses set their campaigns in those regions where people are not aware of the products and services. Through the ads and campaigns, people get to know about the products and services.

  1. Event Ambush Marketing

Event ambush marketing campaigns take the help of target audiences to promote their products and services. For instance, one person is using the product of a company and so this one person explains the features of the product to the other people so that these people buy the products and services of this company only. Sometimes, this type of marketing also faces legal practices and issues. Some consumers complain against the company if their product does not work as mentioned by the above candidate.

  1. Guerrilla Projections

This type of marketing is done with the help of the installation of a hidden camera, projectors onto high rise buildings and various places that help in creating the buzz. There are various types of projections installed at various places that attract the consumers and also those who want to buy the products and services as shown in the projections.

  1. Experimental Marketing

It is also called as live marketing or participation marketing. It is a kind of live participation, consumers can come and they can check a specific brand and take initiative to talk, live and breathe. This marketing proved to be very common and it also helps consumers finding the specific brand is trustworthy or not.

  1. Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is very common nowadays. Most of the businesses and organizations adopted this viral marketing. It helps in creating a buzz about the specific brand in the market and people tend to buy more products about a particular brand. Companies and organizations come up with new ideas so that they help in creating the viral effect about the product and service in the market.

When Should We Use Guerrilla Marketing?

Misusing guerrilla marketing is very easy. One must take some necessary steps while using guerrilla marketing. If you are using guerrilla marketing you need to keep some points in your mind to make it successful.

1. You need to find your target customers and audiences before setting a campaign in any area. You require to identify what they respond to.  Marketing means communicating well with the target audience and they get to know everything when you misguide them and you have failed to do any research. Before carrying out any marketing, you need to do research very well. If you do research well then you will know each and every point about your target audience and what to present in front of them. So doing research is extremely necessary.

2. Now the question is do you know enough customer’s needs so that you can make a great connection with them. But if you are unable to make any connection with them then you will not be able to market your products and services. You need to find out the strategy so that you can get to know all about your customers. Your campaign should be very compelling then only the customers will interact with you a lot. If the customers will not communicate then your guerrilla marketing or campaign will not work out very effectively. So to make the campaign effective, you need to carry out an interaction session with your target audiences so that you can interact with them very well. By interacting with the target audience, you will get to know the needs and requirements of the target audience.

3. Identifying some common points between you and your customer is mandatory. It also gives you some positive attention from your target audiences and they will take more interest in particular brands. You need to set the campaign that is very compelling. If you have not made your campaign compelling then it will become difficult for the customers to even think further about the product. You can check various examples from many other campaign success stories. It will help you in determining the ideas and the potential take off.

4. Delivering the campaign with the right strategy is the most needed thing. You need to find out what do you have the physical resources required for the campaign so that your strategy will work better. You need to select the most effective and efficient employees by checking their past records so that all ideas get delivered at the time of the campaign. Think about their experiences and their skills set. If you want to execute guerrilla marketing very successfully, there are certain things that have to carry out simultaneously. If you have a team of naïve employees then you can take recommendations from the external consultation.

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