Golden Career Opportunities Students Can Grab With English Literature Degree

English Literature Degree

English, a West Germanic language have been rooted in distinct parts of the worlds due to its flexibility, its close relationship with Dutch, German and Frisian. Once it is originated in England but now dominated by the United States. It is currently the official language of major countries like India, Philippines, Singapore, and some countries of sub Saharan Africa (Aaron, 2015). It is the first choice of language for most of the foreign countries also it has been estimated around 2 billion population ably communicate in English.

The popularity of English is gaining over the years somewhere bringing alluring career opportunities for students. The two basic characteristics of English i.e. flexibility and openness of vocabulary and creation of compounds and derivations is fetching attention of students and they are seizing these opportunities to build a prosperous career. In this article, we will try to discuss what career students can go for when they acquired a degree in English literature.

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English Career Outcomes

Source- America Community Survey, 2010-2012

As the charts depicted the major English career outcomes are ended up with a career in media and journalism, art and design, PR, content management, academics and teaching. In fact, essay writer many people are found to be more engaged in administrative services. 

Major Salaries

 The Wall Street Journal in “The Liberal Arts Majors That Pay the Most has reported the top two liberal arts are English literature and Foreign languages. In the lieu of The National Association of Colleges and Employers have found that majority of the English graduates are ended up with editors, copywriters, teachers, legal assistance and much more ( Uni, 2020).

A Career In Media And Journalism

Whether we talk about print media or digital media, the scope of journalism is evergreen. Either is about advertising PR, writing reports for newspaper or scriptwriting for television to film, The demand for English graduates who have exceptional writing skills is endless (Tucker,2019). 

Being said by E.L Doctorow, good writing is supposed to evoke sensation among readers, not the fact that it is raining but filling being rained upon. Through acquiring exceptional writing skills you can touch the reader’s heart easily and convey your thoughts efficiently. 

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A Career In Academics And Teaching

An English graduate who is capable of teaching students becoming a teacher would be the best option for you. However, an additional degree may be needed if you are hoping to become a professor or want to teach secondary level students.

A Career In Advertising And PR

English literature graduated students who have good communication and writing skills can try their creativity in advertising areas. The job included in advertising and PR is creative writer, event organizer, creative director, scriptwriter, PR managers etc. These are exciting careers that provide ample opportunities to use verbal adeptness and creative skills.

A Career In Technical Communication

A career in Technical writing, medical writing or editing is found as a major career for English graduates where they can get high stake salaries along with a promising career in software development. Since the invasion of technology, documentation of technical instruments has upgraded the job demand in English literature (Kumar,2020).

A Career In Public Relation

As per online assignment help expert point of view, public relation sector is seen as a major sector who is responsible for hiring large segments of civil service workers, government sectors, armed forces every year. To work in the Public sector, all you need to be highly organized, ability to apprehend historical events, political and social culture. One should be able to think differently to solve different issues.

Career In Law 

Today university is focusing on developing legal skills, required to develop a career in law. English graduates can assist people in the role of solicitor or barrister. A person undergraduate degree in English can hold the position of a paralegal or legal secretary. In case you need help to write assignments or unable to form research paper, then get instant assignment help from SourceEssay today. 


In this blog, we have first discussed the growing demand for English over the years and its origination. There we came to know due to high flexibility, its close relationship with Dutch, German and Frisian, English is gaining popularity and seen as an amazing career option. In the next section, we defined what career options students can opt under that also reflected career in academics and teaching is highly preferable. Despite this universities are focusing on developing legal skills, such students can make their career in the law field. Also if a student has unmatchable communicating and creative skills, they can hold a different position in advertising and Public relation in industry. 


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