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Australian labor Day

Australia is a country in the Oceania which is also officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia. This country is a sovereign country which comprises of the mainland of Australia along with various surrounding smaller islands and the island of Tasmania. This country has a total area of 7,692,024 km2 which makes it the sixth largest country in the world and the largest country in Oceania. According to the latest estimates, this country has a total population of 25,357,800 and has a gross domestic product (GDP) value of $1.313 trillion. Australia is a beautiful country which is also a member of the United Nations, G20, Commonwealth of Nations, ANZUS, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Pacific Islands Forum, and the World Trade Organization.

This country has a rich culture and biodiversity. It is a representative democracy which means that eligible people vote in this country to select candidates who carry out different governmental procedures on the behalf of the people. There are two main parties in Australia. And those two main parties are the liberal party of Australia and the Labor Party Australia. In this academic essay writing piece, readers will be able to learn about the labor party Australia.

An Introduction to the Australian Labor Party
There are two main parties in Australia. These parties are the liberal party of Australia and the labor party Australia. Both of these parties play an important role in the functioning of this country. However, in this academic essay writing piece, the focus will only be on the labor party Australia. If readers wish to learn more about the liberal party of Australia then one can refer to other academic essay writing pieces on that particular topic. It is important for the readers to remember that the word ‘labor’ in the labor party Australia was historically spelled as ‘labour’. This is a major political party which is characterized as being center-left. Since the 2013 election, this party has held the position of opposition at the federal level. The federal parliamentary leader of this party if Bill Shorten and readers will be able to learn more about this leader in the next section mentioned below.

Before moving on to learn about Bill Shorten, it is important to learn a few more things about this major Australian party. This federal party has many branches in all states and territories of Australia. It is the oldest political party of Australia and often competes with the liberal party whenever the democratic elections take place. This party follows the objectives of democratic socialization of production, industry, exchange, and distribution. This is done to an extent which ensures that all anti-social features of the society including exploitation are eliminated. This main objective of this party was announced by its leaders in 1921.

Since 1921, two more objectives have been added to that main objective. Those two objectives are the right to own private property and to provide support and maintenance of non-monopolistic competitive private sector. According to the sources, it has also been identified that currently, this party identifies itself as a modern social democratic party. It is also important for the readers to note that until the first sitting of the Australian Parliament in 1901, this party was not founded as a federal party. However, according to experts, this party is still regarded as the oldest party as it descends from the various parties which were founded by different Australian colonies during the emerging labor movement in Australia which officially began in 1891. If any reader wishes to learn about labor day Australia then he or she can refer to other academic essay writing pieces.

Bill Shorten: The Labor Party Leader
 Bill Shorten is an Australian political leader who is the official leader of the Labor Party of Australia. He was born on 12 May 1967 and has been the leader of this party since October 2013. He was born in Melbourne and has studied law from the Monash University. Before the 1996 federal elections, Bill Shorten contested a Labor preselection for the Division of Maribyrnong. At that time, he was defeated by Bob Sercombe who further went to retain that seat for the Labor party at the main elections. However, in 1998 Bill Shorten won the preselection. He further resigned the position of a candidate to become a state secretary of the AWU. It can be said without a doubt that Bill Shorten is a very influential and hardworking man. And according to the current reports, one should also note that Bill Shorten will also be leading the Labor Party of Australia in the Australian Federal Election in 2019. If any reader wishes to learn about labor day Australia then he or she can refer to other academic essay writing pieces.

The History

As it was mentioned above, this is the oldest party in Australia that has its roots in the parties which were formed by the smaller colonies in Australia during the 1890s. According to the official reports, the first election which was contested by this party was the New South Wales election in 1891. During that election, this party won 35 out of a total of 141 seats. In that election, the major parties were the Free Trade party and the Protectionist part while the Labor Party of Australia held a position of balance. This party eventually started growing and was so successful that it formed the first stable Labor Party government in 1905 elections. It is important to note that Thomas Price was the leader of the party at that time. John Verran further led this party to form the many majority governments during the 1910 elections. Since then this party has grown in its power and influence and has continued to serve the people of Australia while holding various different positions. If any reader wishes to learn about the topic of labor day Australia then he or she can refer to other academic essay writing pieces.

The Party Structure

In this last section, readers will be able to learn about the structure of this party. There are many levels or sections of this party which constitutes its total structure. And some of those levels or sections :

  • National Executive and Secretariat

This is the chief administrative authority of the Labor party of Australia.

  • Federal Parliamentary Labor Party

This consists of the elected members of the party from both the houses.

  • State and Territory Branches

This party consists of eight branches from all states and territories.

  • Country Labor

This is a subsection of the party which is used by the members of the party who are contesting elections in the rural areas of Australia.

  • Australian Young Labor

This is the youth wing of the party within which all members are under the age of 26.

  • Networks

These are the smaller single interest groups within the party which are starting to get the right kind of recognition.

These are the major structures of the party. If any reader wishes to learn about labor day Australia then he or she can refer to other academic essay writing pieces.

The Conclusion:

Australia is a beautiful country which follows a representative democratic system. This country has two main political parties. And those two political parties are the liberal party and labor party. The labor party is the oldest party in Australia which was formed during the 1890s. This party has been serving the people since then and has grown more influential over time. Bill Shorten is currently the leader of this party. He will also be leading this party in the 2019 elections.

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