Employee Satisfaction And Work Motivation – Are They Both Related?

Employee satisfaction and work motivation

It is well informed that the motivated employee is an asset for a business that provides long term sustainable returns to the business. It supports maximizing the shareholder’s wealth by integrating the employee’s needs with business. The role of employee satisfaction is significant to contribute to business success. Employee satisfaction and business performance are interrelated where the satisfied employee provides innovative products and services to provide a competitive advantage. In the twenty-first-century employee satisfaction is a significant factor for developing motivation towards business productivity.

According to Hertzberg’s Job Satisfaction model, there are various factors in business that impact employee motivation such as organizational culture, business structure, leadership practices, training, and development program, performance management system, and others. A satisfied employee contributes to sustainable business productivity. Job satisfaction results in cost reduction by minimizing absence, turnover, and errors which contribute towards an increase in greater productivity as well as a high contribution towards industry growth. The survey is conducted in America has shown that the $300 Billion is the cost of unmotivated employees that result in lower productivity and low business performance.

The business has to conduct an open work environment that motivates the employee to contribute towards organizational success. There are various factors such as hygiene factors, physical factors, security factors and others that need to be understood by the business for enhancing employee satisfaction. It results in developing a feeling of commitment among the employees which support in long term sustainable return to the business.

Employee satisfaction survey has shown that job security is one of the most important factors that impact on motivation level of employees. Once the employee feels motivated they direct their efforts towards the achievement of common business goals. According to the Employee satisfaction Survey in the year 2013, conducted in 4000 employees has shown that there are 65% of employees who believe that their job is important to contribute towards business success. There are 30% of employees who believe that they are treated with respect by the employer. There are 49% of employees believe they are loyal to the company. There are 20% of employees who think that they are fairly paid. There are 30% of employees who believe that management allows communicating with them honestly and taking their recommendations seriously. There are 38% of employees who believe that they are equipped with appropriate equipment to perform their job towards the attainment of business objectives. There are 60% of employees who are aware of their roles and responsibilities which provide job satisfaction. There are 35% of employees that have undergone a thorough training and development program in the past 12 months. There are 35% of employees who have received performance feedback from the manager in the past 12 months. There are 35% of employees who are committed to providing good customer service to contribute towards brand building result in long term sustainable results. The statistics of Employee Satisfaction Survey has shown that the factors that impact on employee satisfaction are fair pay structure, right equipped provided to employee, effective communication system, employer feedback system, and training and development program, aware regarding their roles and responsibilities, and others.

The Employee Engagement report 2019 has shown that the business should develop an effective workplace environment that supports in motivating the employees to develop towards business innovation. The company should conduct Employee Satisfaction Surveys at regular intervals of time to determine the issue faced by the employees result in improving employee motivation and company performance. It is significant for reducing the turnover rate in the business. It allows determining the bottlenecks of business so that businesses can resolve for improving organizational performance result in high profitability.

There are majorly three questions that are included in the Employee Satisfaction Survey are what changes you want to make your job satisfied? what are the most three important factors that you value the most in your business? What are the issues you faced in business?

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The employees feel motivated once their needs are fulfilled such as received regular feedback, an effective communication system, a reward system, an innovative workplace environment, fair pay structure, work-life balance, supportive working conditions, and others. The motivated employee support in developing innovative products and services that provide a competitive advantage to the business result in long term sustainable returns. There is high competition in the market which requires developing a competitive business position to stand out among the competitors within the same industry. Once the employee is committed to their job duties that result in providing the high quality of customer services result in an increase in customer satisfaction.

The role of the manager is significant in developing employee motivation by continuously engaging the employee in a business process result in improvement in products and services delivered to the target audience. The manager should also develop an innovative work environment where an employee can communicate with management to contribute to business decision making. Once the employee feels that their job is relevant that support in developing a feeling of commitment among the employees results in an increase in business performance. Once the employees feel they receive fair pay which motivates them to perform their roles and responsibilities effectively. The company should communicate job expectation to the employees which motivate them to perform their duties by meeting the expectations towards business success. The company should conduct an employee feedback system for involving them in decision making result in collecting innovative ideas to develop innovative products and services to contribute to brand building.  The business should consider employee satisfaction as a foremost important factor that provides long term sustainable benefits to the employees.  There are monetary and non-monetary rewards that need to be considered by the company for enhancing job satisfaction so that the employee can direct their efforts towards business success. The business should communicate roles and responsibilities to the employee so that they can meet their expectation for attaining business objectives within the specific timeline. The performance should be monitored to they the employee can contribute towards the achievement of business results. Thus the employee satisfaction is directly related to the work motivation among the employees.

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