Effects of Computer Addiction on Students

Computer Addiction

Computers are the devices which entered the space of society during the late 1900s even though the history of computers was in full swing during the early 1900s. This machine allows individuals to perform a number of tasks quickly and with ease. In modern society, computers have become almost a non-negotiable part of every individual’s life. And this is bound to have both positive and negative consequences on people. It can be said without a doubt that using a computer has many benefits. However, these days individuals are developing a psychological condition known as computer addiction. Computer addiction can be described as a psychological condition in which an individual uses a computer excessively and impulsively. This behavioral pattern persists even after an individual might face negative consequences in his or her personal, occupational, or social functions.

An Introduction to Computer Addiction

As mentioned above, computer addiction can be defined as a psychological condition in which an individual continues to use a computer impulsively or excessively even after facing negative consequences in the different spheres of life including social, personal, and occupational functions. This is one of those conditions which have been on the rise for some years now and can be observed in many students and working professionals alike. This type of addiction can include both offline and online computer usage. There are also different types of computer addictions. And some of the most common types of computer addictions are:

  • Offline Computer Addiction

This type of addiction is often related to an individual using a computer for the purpose of receiving pleasure without having to necessarily use the internet. Students these days are often falling prey to this type of offline computer addiction by playing all sorts of games on their computers.

  • Online Computer Addiction

Online computer addiction is also known as internet addiction and often receives more attention than any other types of computer addictions. This is also the type of addiction which is often the center of attention when a study or research is being conducted. The primary reason for this is that individuals often fall prey to this type of addiction quickly and are often lost within the virtual world.

  • Gaming Addiction

This is another type of computer addiction which specifically refers to the excessive use of video games or computer games on the computer. This sort of behavioral pattern also interferes with the everyday routine of an individual.

  • Social Media Addiction

This is another common type of computer addiction in which an individual uses computers excessively for accessing social media platforms. This is done to meet with the social needs of an individual. There are also many other individuals who are drawn to different social media platforms as they might feel sad or lonely.

The Symptoms of Computer Addiction and Its Causes

According to many experts, there are four main symptoms of computer addiction. And those four main computer addictions are:

  • Using the computer or feeling drawn to it as soon as one wakes up or goes to bed
  • Old hobbies being replaced with the excessive use of the internet
  • Using a computer as a primary cause of procrastination or using it as a source of entertainment
  • Not getting enough physical exercise or not being exposed to the outside world due to the use of computers

Many studies have also been conducted to understand the exact causes of computer addiction. There are many previous studies which point to the direction that computer addiction is actually caused due to existing psychological issues like depression. There can also be many other environmental or social causes of why an individual might suffer from computer addiction. Hence, if an individual suffers from computer addiction then it is important for him or her to get the appropriate help as soon as possible.

The Effects of Computer Addiction on Students

Just like any other type of addiction, computer addiction can also have many negative consequences or effects on the life of an individual. Some of the common negative effects of computer addiction on students are:

  1. Reduced Academic Performance

One of the most pronounced and biggest negative effects of a student suffering from computer addiction are that he or she starts to observe a decline in his or her academic performance. This means that the student is not able to score good grades or marks in his or her classes. This might not seem like a big deal at first but if this pattern continues then a student could even waste an entire academic year of his or her life!

  1. Constantly Feeling Guilt and Pressure

If a student is suffering from computer addiction then he or she might constantly be trying to avoid doing various tasks so that he or she can simply spend more time using the computer. This puts the student under a lot of pressure as the student would constantly be increasing his or her workload. This will also result in the student feeling a lot of guilt as he or she would not be able to cope up with all the tasks which have piled up.

  1. Increased Chances of Anxiety and Depression

There have been many studies which show a rather positive link between computer addiction and the psychological conditions of anxiety and depression. This is one of the biggest negative effects which a student might have to face if he or she is suffering from computer addiction. In cases where one believes this to be true for his or her child, it is important for the guardians or the parents to take appropriate actions as soon as possible so the situation can be remedied.

  1. Being Unable to Cope Up with the Everyday Tasks

Computer addiction might not seem like a big issue but it actually clouds over almost all other aspects of an individual’s life. Because of this, people are often unable to cope up with a number of their social, occupational, or cultural responsibilities.

  1. Constantly Procrastinating

Another big negative effect of an individual suffering from computer addiction is that it leads to that individual constantly procrastinating. This is obviously not helpful for the academic career of an individual and can also result in the individual being unable to cope up with many social stressful situations.

  1. Feeling Isolated

When an individual suffers from computer addiction then he or she actually gets pulled into the virtual world. This virtual world might seem to fulfill the short term social requirements or needs of an individual but it is important to remember that the satisfaction of the virtual world cannot survive for long. This is why individuals who suffer from computer addiction often find themselves to be alone and isolated from other individuals within the same age group or with similar interests.

These are some of the biggest negative effects of a student suffering from computer addiction.


Computer addiction can be defined as a condition in which an individual is unable to stop the impulsive behavior of excessively using computers. This can have pronounced negative effects on the life of an individual in terms of physical health, psychological health, social functions, and occupational functions. Some of the most common negative effects of an individual suffering from computer addiction are feeling isolated, constantly procrastinating, feeling a lot of guilt and pressure, and higher chances of suffering from anxiety and depression. Hence, it is often advised that if an individual suffers from computer addiction then he or she should seek out the appropriate help as soon as possible.

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