Does Wi-Fi Eavesdrop A Security Alert?

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What Is Wi-Fi Eavesdropping?

Wi-Fi eavesdropping is also known as an evil twin attack. This is a risk that is performed by the hackers. It is a kind of man in a middle attack. In this Wi-Fi eavesdropping, the hackers provide a malicious Wi-Fi connection to the unsuspecting victims. This is a trick of hackers to get their information and personal data. To perform Wi-Fi eavesdropping, the hacker has to set a network of Wi-Fi near the location of a people the hacker wants to take the information.

For example, if a hacker X set up a malicious Wi-Fi connection in the market. Then all the people who are crossing or doing shopping in that market may connect. If this person X is waiting for another person Y and this X wants to get all the information of Y. As soon as Y enters into the Wi-Fi zone and y’s phone automatically connected to this malicious Wi-Fi then X can hack all the personal information and data of Y. The area can be any area, it can be a hotel room, school, college, university, restaurant, or any local shop. The hacker names the hotspot according to the place he/she used to set an evil twin connection.

Most of people choose to connect Wi-Fi automatically and as soon as they come into the vicinity of the malicious hotspot their phones automatically access the internet facility. They also don’t know about the evil twinning connection and thought that the Wi-Fi is legitimate and they start using it. Because of this evil twin connection, most of the public connection of Wi-Fi that is safe but people think that they are unsafe and don’t use it.

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Public Wi-Fi Security Risks

There are various risks associated with public Wi-Fi. The public Wi-Fi needs no authentication, no login id, and a password. It connects the phone with the Wi-Fi automatically. This is created by the hacker very smartly so that the people fall into the trap. Sometimes, people get very happy when they see that their mobile connects with the Wi-Fi and their internet is working and that too free Wi-Fi. But they don’t know about the trap of the middle man who wants to hack all the personal information and data.

The most and biggest disadvantage of free Wi-Fi security is that whatever information you are sending by using this malicious Wi-Fi. It goes to the hacker first and then this middle man relays it on ahead after reading it. The hacker can access all the information whatever you are sending. Hacker gets to know all the information.  Sometimes, there are some confidential data that you are sending to some client or any other person but this middle man gets all the information in between. The hacker can read all your important e-mails, credit card information, debit card information, and even the security details of your office and many more details like these. Once the hacker got your information, he/she can misuse it or can withdraw your money from your account.

Hackers use an unsecured Wi-Fi connection to spread different malware across the network. If you allow the sharing of the file in this network then the hacker gets easy access on it and can hack all the information. With the help of this malware, the hacker can easily send the infected virus to your computer system or to your phone.

Use A Vpn

VPN is a virtual private network. A virtual private network is very necessary if you are going out or while you are connecting your business via some unsecured connection or any Wi-Fi hotspot. In this network, if the hacker placed himself in between then also he is not able to get your information or data because the information you will be sharing is in the encrypted form. If the hacker is thinking to track the data but he/she will not able to because of the strong encryption. Also if a hacker wants to steal the information then he/she must know the code to decrypt it then only he/she can access the data. If the hacker is targeting for easy then he/she will not get anything. So this is the best option if you are going out in the public and lower your ping with a VPN.

SSL Connections

VPN is not available to the general browsing option but there is another precaution that you can take help from. The other is an SSL connection. In the SSL connection, you can have a layer of encryption to your information. You need to enable the “always use HTTPS” option from the websites because the hacker is known to the fact how people reuse their passwords. It will help you in keeping the information and data secure. Most of the websites that use credentials data have the HTTP option somewhere in the settings. to get more data, contact Essay writer available at SourceEssay.

Turn Off The Sharing Information

If you are connecting to the public Wi-Fi, if you want to share any file or folder then don’t share it. You can share the files and folders after connecting the system with a secure internet connection. If you have a little doubt also in your connection then turn off the sharing of information by going to the control panel. Know more wifi alerts with online assignment help based assignment writers.

Keep You Wi-Fi Off When You Don’t Need It

This is the best precaution to avoid wifi eavesdropping. Even if you don’t connect to the internet and going out somewhere out then you should turn off the Wi-Fi option. So that your phone cannot connect with public Wi-Fi. If you compromise for some time by turning off your button then you would have escape from the biggest risk. If you turn your Wi-Fi off then your mobile phone battery will run for a longer time.

Stay Protected

Even if you are following all the measures and taking all the precautions to protect from the evil twinning and from the hacker, you may trap. But you need to be very careful. That is why it is necessary for you to take care of all your options and stay protected is the most important. You need to be aware of all kinds of risks and threats about this evil twinning or Wi-Fi eavesdropping. So be careful while doing any important and confidential activity.

The above explained are some insights into the risks and measures of using public Wi-Fi. If you still think that you are in doubt or confusion about the Wi-Fi eavesdropping or evil twinning then you can contact assignment writers. So stay connect to SourceEssay writers and get all online assignment help and that too at best prices. Protection Status
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