Digital Tools For Marketing Students


Marketing students have to implement the best tools for an effective execution of promotional plans. There are various techniques that can be implemented in evaluating sales and online marketing promotions.

Despite most of these tools requiring a big budget, there are still some digital tools that are available free of cost. Getting to this, our qualified marketing essay writers have pointed up some free tools that could help you attain a competitive lead in the digital marketplace.

There’s a diverse assortment of free online tools available that makes it even more enjoyable to work in digital marketing today. Here are a few versatile digital tools that every marketing student should be aware of:

  • Google keyword planner
    Google keyword planner is certainly the best tool if you wish to improve your understanding of pay-per-click schemes. The resource offers several opportunities for establishing AdWords campaign. Its features help you to examine the traffic of a certain keyword and search out the details about people looking for it since the last year. It is also possible to analyse competition level using this tool, as well as, suggest a bid for any particular keyword.
    Keyword research is a fundamental task while carrying out SEO promotion in marketing. allows you to obtain multiple suggestions on keywords from different sources. It will also help you recognize the catchwords that you need to target in your content.
  • Screaming Frog
    Screaming frog is believed to be the ultimate web crawling tool in the digital marketing industry. This tool can help you identify damaged links and the web pages that cannot recognize metadata. In addition, you can review the redirects and promote the rank of a website.
  • Answer the Public
    Answer the Public is a free virtual tool that has nowadays become an essential element of digital marketing strategy. Professionals use it for determining questions and topics that are consistent with the primary keywords. With the help of this tool, you can create content that answers a number of questions and, consequently, boosts the rank of your website.
  • Portent’s title generator
    Portent’s title generator is a great tool for sparking off ideas pertaining to the title of your promotional content. You just need to provide the topic based on which you would like to create the subject content, and this title generator tool will automatically formulate ideas for the title.
  • Facebook audience insights
    Facebook audience insights serve as a wonderful tool for content and market research. By using this, you can examine specific demographic data and evaluate the interests of the mainstream users. This will eventually boost your marketing approach by enabling you to generate content that your target audience would enjoy.
  • Siteliner
    Siteliner tool can assist you in analyzing the complete content of a specific website. You just have to type your URL in the search bar and continue by clicking ‘GO.’ This scanning tool allows you to analyse unlimited information such as ordinary content, unique content, plagiarized content, text-to-HTML ratio, the average size of the page, the average page loading time, external links, internal links, etc.

These are some of the free digital tools that can certainly help you add proficiency to your virtual marketing campaigns. Hope you have a good time trying these out!

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