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Book report writing gives you an opportunity to actually identify with an author’s work. Book report requires you to present a clear-cut summary of the work. You should start by reading the book and writing detailed notes as you proceed. This will help in building a solid outline, which makes the process of book writing much easier.

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1. Understand the requirements of your book writing assignment

Unlike book review that is opinion-driven, book report is usually a direct summary with few opinions included. Read your assignment paper carefully to understand the questions and clarify any doubts that you have. Make sure you note down the word count, submission date, and formatting requirements.

2.   Read the whole book

Before even thinking about book writing, you need to read the entire text. Find yourself a quiet place so you read the book without distractions. While reading, pay particular attention to important plots and characters in the book. Take small breaks as per your convenience to refresh your mind and thoughts. Make sure you give enough time to read. Report writing will be very difficult if you just flick through the pages and not read the whole book. Avoid online summaries as they don’t always present accurate content.

3.   Make notes while reading

It is necessary that you make notes as you read. If you are reading on your tablet or phone, take down your notes in a word document. Make note of every important plot point, character or turn of events. You can highlight the details, quotations, or examples that you will use in your book report.

4.   Prepare an outline

Create a list of paragraphs through which you wish to organize your report. Devote separate paragraphs to discuss the details from your notes. Remember that this is an initial outline that might change when you actually start writing and make new realizations. Once you are through with outlining part, revisit the entire thing to see if you have included everything in a logical manner. Include or delete paragraphs to ensure a proper flow of the text. The outline should cover all the major characters, situations, and plots in the book. Add quotations or examples from the book to show that you have not only read the book but understood it too.

5.    Don’t try to squeeze everything into the report

It is impossible to include every detail of the book in the report so just include the most significant ideas to create a feel of the book.

6.    Writing the report

Introduction: Open your report with an informative paragraph that includes the book’s title and the author’s name. Use a catchy line or an interesting quotation from the book to grab reader’s attention. Conclude the introduction paragraph with a brief summary of the book. The introduction can be 4-6 sentences long, depending on the book.

The body of the report: Start by describing the background of the book, even if it is fictional, to set the scene for everything that you’ll talk about in the report. You can describe the places, such as a farm or a city so that the reader can imagine where the story is taking place. Use plenty of details and vivid language to describe the setting.

The next paragraph contains the plot summary where you can portray the exact events that unfold in the book and how they affect the characters. Introduce the main characters, who they are, and what is their role in the story. You can include dedicated sections to describe the main characters, talking about their appearance and actions. Make sure the characters are introduced in the same paragraphs as the plot introduction.

Consider main arguments in the subsequent paragraphs. Emphasize on the chief ideas or the actions of the characters. For a non-fiction book, focus on the author’s main argument or what is he/she trying to suggest? In a fiction work, look for the central lesson that the author is trying to convey through the story.

Discuss author’s writing style: Refer to your notes to discover the choice of words or writing style of the author. After reading the book thoroughly, you would be able to identify whether the tone of the book is formal or informal. Notice if there are some ideas or points that the author seems to prefer over others.

7.   Conclude your report

Write a clear concluding paragraph where you bring everything together. You can use a few sentences to summarize the whole book. In a final statement, mention whether you would suggest the book to other readers and why. Don’t present any new ideas or statements in the conclusion; just summarize what you have discussed until now. You can also include the title of the book and the author’s name in concluding paragraph.

8.   Edit the report

Revise your report at least two times. Make sure that each paragraph is arranged in a logical manner and the structure seems right. Proofread the paper to check for formatting errors, typing mistakes, punctuations, or missing commas. Read your report aloud to look for inexpert phrasing. Make sure that you spell the name of the author and characters correctly. Don’t rely on automatic spell check to find errors for you. You can a classmate or family member to examine your report. It would be really helpful if they jot down corrections or feedback as they go along. Incorporate these suggestions if it enhances your report.

9.   Refine your final report

Before making the final submission, review all the corrections that you’ve made and take a clean print out of your report. Examine it carefully to spot any errors. Evaluate your report against the assignment sheet to ensure that you’ve conformed to all the guidelines including the font-size, font type, margins, and spacing.

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