Business And Annual Report Writing

Report Writing

There is no organization in the world that can survive or continually exist without reports. Whether it is government agencies or multinational, they all require different types of reports- formal or informal, short or lengthy. As said by Hoss Platnner, Business reporting is not dealing with objects; it is about dealing with the relationship with objects, the ultimate purpose of business and an annual report is to formulate a base needed for decision making (Bell & Martin, 2014).

Most of the business and annual report fall under the category of upward communication pacing internal sources of an organization. A majority of the report is business to business (b2b) when one part seeks business work on contractual terms. This provides appropriate information to the authority that mostly calls for a series of finding facts and figures. Essentially it can be deduced the factors and purpose of all report are almost similar. This article surrounds some interesting facts of Business and annual report writing and trying to present a skeleton used for business report writing.

Business And Annual Report

As the purpose of all the reports are the same but are they Similar? Reports provide logical information about what happened in the past, what can be happened in future and what is happening now. It is the duty of the author to determine, how and what Factors are behind such happening and suggesting preventive measure to avoid problems (Dasgupta, 2013).

According to Online assignment help Glasgow experts a report said to be business report when it contains pre-defined data, information and relevant details in printed format. In other words, it can be said, business reports are static document produced in printed format.

Like other reports, annual reports in business context describes the company’s progress, performance, auditors reports of the balance sheet, sales reports, product report, profit and loss, advertising and public relation etc.

Types Of Business Reports

Business reports used formulated by producer varies in sizes and categories. Some reports are lengthy whereas some are formal and short. The reports are pertaining by business supported by facts and figures. It can be periodic, occasional or regular reports (Horn, 2012).

A long list of business reports are described given below by assignment writer

Segments Of Reports

Prefatory ReportsTitle page Letter to Authorization Preface Acknowledgement Table Contents Illustration of Tables Executive Summary
IntroductionReport origin Purpose Scope Historical background Limitation’Methods of Collecting data
Body ReportReport ContentActual reportingDescriptionTabulate essential dataStatistical FactsAnalysis of Collecting method
Report EditingSummary Conclusion Recommendation
Appended PartsBibliographyAppendixIndexQuestionnaire reply
AspectsPage numericFoot notesTable Construction
Communication AspectsWords used to express managerial skillsCommunicating picturesGraphics aids (Hynes & Veltsos 2018)Arrangement of layoutsColor usage

Guidelines For Report Writing

Several essay helpers accepted Business writing process uses qualitative and quantitative data to evaluate business strategy while empowering the employee to formulate a data-driven decision. In the next section, we have discussed a few guidelines necessitates an effective reporting process-

  • Planning of report writing should be done carefully and don’t compromising information at any cost pertaining to business
  • Re-read contents before deriving judgment (Voinea, 2015)
  • Use persuasive, concise and clear language and revise your report before final submission
  • Always avoid technical jargons also explain each term if used in the report
  • Create a sense of seriousness, a bit stiffness by adding difficult words or to avoid the strain
  • Every fact must be supported with figures and entail documented evidence
  • Avoid lengthy sentences. A singular sentence must contain 15-20 words. The entire paragraph should be small so that text becomes easy to read (Nathan, 2013).
  • Use captions for illustration, pictures, charts and photographs. 
  • Link paragraph. This means one paragraph must lead to another para. 
  • Try to make whole report brief, relevant and precise right from the beginning till its ending
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Some Useful Tips To Write Annual Reports

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In this blog, we have summarized the difference between business and annual report writing as well as some of the important aspects of business writing has been shared at the end. We concluded a majority of reports are the most essential segments of organizational functioning. Depending on their sized and function, it is further categorized into annual, audit, human resource development, project development, accounting, sales, profit and loss, legit etc reports. The origination of the report depends greatly on the internal information of an organization. Later we have shared some tips during business writing that are avoiding lengthy sentences, creating a sense of seriousness, using captions for illustration, combining facts and stories, using info-graphics and much more.

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