BSBLDR511 Develop And Use Emotional Intelligence


Course Code : BSBLDR511

Course  Title : Develop And Use Emotional Intelligence

Assessment Questions

Task A – Self-Reflect On Your Emotional Intelligence

Task A Instructions
In this Assessment Task, you must complete a number of self-reflection activities. For these activities, you need to assess and analyze your own emotions, as well as elicit feedback from a trusted colleague. You will also need to consider the impact your emotions have on people around you and identify strategies for improvement.

A1. Describe two of your emotional strengths. In your description, evaluate how these strengths might positively impact upon others and ways they could help or hinder your work within a team.

My two emotional strengths include courage and empathy. Both the former mentioned emotional strengths are crucial in personal and professional life as well. For instance, empathy, which is an individual’s ability to comprehend and share the emotions of others helps in bonding at the workplace, developing teamwork, and increasing workplace harmony. The feeling of empathy generates interest and appreciation for others which plays a crucial role in building workplace relationships that results in increasing team productivity and as a result impacts overall organisational performance. In support of the aforesaid sentence the enhancement of knowledge sharing that is leveraged by empathetic behaviour and relations made through empathy can be highlighted, when an individual can comprehend and understand the feelings of others such as that of friends or colleagues it provides a feeling of security to the others and helps in trust building which eventually lets one share their feelings or knowledge which can be used to increase team efficiency by eliminating misunderstandings and creating the sense of belonging and important in the workplace. The feeling of empathy has helped me in developing leadership skills and have enhanced the chances of achieving success at job. However, often too much empathy towards others has jeopardized my judgments and have clouded my decision-making at the workplace. On the other hand, courage helps me in taking responsibilities of challenging situations, dealing with emergencies, changes and speaking up in the time of need or about important issues. It has helped me gain respect while helping in enhancing leadership categories in me, as with courage I have been able to inspire team members to move out of their comfort zone and benefit the organisation as whole. However, being too courageous at work often has landed me with hard projects which took time to be completed and is often dangerous if happens during team projects as not everyone has the same level of courage.

A2. Describe two of your emotional weaknesses. In your description, evaluate how these weaknesses could negatively impact others with whom you work. Then explain what you do (or could do) to manage these weaknesses.

Confidence and emotional stability are my weaknesses in context to emotional strengths. Both the former mentioned emotional strengths are important for efficient functioning in day-to-day organisational activities. However, it is not possible for every individual to excel in terms of every emotional strength yet it is important to develop them as it can otherwise impact one’s chances of meeting organisational expectations, therefore increasing chances of slow growth at workplace or may even result in job loss. For instance, lack of confidence impacts decision-making skills which can adversely affect teamwork therefore impacting every associated team member and eventually ramify overall organisational outcome. It can also impact motivation, social relationships adversely while increasing the feeling of exhaustion, making it difficult to reach objectives and being open to criticism. Every factor mentioned is important in teamwork and deficiency in any can influence others efforts as well. Alongside, emotional stability as a weakness impacts my ability to face problems while affecting my chances of teaching organisational aims and objectives as it becomes problematic to embrace change and use the challenges as opportunities to learn and develop skills sets. Emotional stability affects one’s mental peace which can result in making one getting overwhelmed from time to time and often lead to acting out on others. These characteristics can impact the overall work environment as being unable to control feelings or mood swings and discharging them on others will affect their mood, mental health and the inspiration to work. Therefore, it is crucial to manage these weaknesses. Henceforth, in order to develop self-confidence, I will have to focus on not comparing myself with others, taking good care of my body by maintaining a proper diet, exercising, meditating, and getting proper sleep. On the other hand, I should also practice self-compassion, use the positivity from self-talk while building the courage for embarrassing self-doubt and failure. Alongside, for strengthening my emotional stability I should focus on adjusting my perspective, shaking my expectations and creating an action plan.

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