Are you tracking these Common Employee Relations Issues?

Relationship with Employees

As a business owner, you have to maintain cohesive workforce relations in order to build a successful empire. Even if you constantly keep yourself updated with the recent developments or incidents in your company, there are numerous issues that can pop up unexpectedly anytime.  The best way to cope with these uncontrollable workforce relates issues is to devise a plan and have multiple backups ready so whenever an issue arises, you can address it effectively and promptly.

Here are some common problems that you should track to avoid employee issues from escalating into bigger problems:
1) Conflicts
Conflict management is a critical skill that you should apply when handling employee relations issues. Although disagreements or conflicts are inevitable, you should be prepared for handling them. Arguments can occur in the workplace between employees or between the business owner and the employee. It is necessary for the sustained growth of your company that you manage these conflicts effectively. You need to instill the idea that disagreements can be effectively dealt with through communication. If the people or departments involved cannot manage the issue face-to-face, then the effects of the conflict spiral to impact other workers and departments too. Even if the HR department is asked to intervene, no positive outcome can be expected unless the involved people work towards resolving the matter through communication among them.

Consider having a system that facilitates open and consistent communication between employees. You have to encourage your team members to communicate directly. This will give them the confidence that their issues would be heard and addresses. When you practice this approach, gossip and misunderstandings will have no place in your office.

2) Attendance and timekeeping issues
Clearly, strict enforcement of attendance policies will enhance productivity. If workers are repeatedly absent without offering any satisfactory justification, are always late to work, or leave before the office hours, business processes will suffer and your company will lose money. Attendance issues are a major harm to any company. It makes a mess of employee performance and impacts overall ROI. Moreover, it can weaken spirits among collaborative groups. If attendance issues are not addressed at the right time, it can result in termination of the employee. However, in the absence of corrective measures to support demotion, termination, or deferment of wages, your company may be subjected to a lawsuit of unreasonable business practices or sued for unlawful termination.

Do you feel that timekeeping issues crop up often? Do your employees insist on having worked overtime when the actual number of hours clocked in is way less? With you or your HR department having little time to review attendance records, you need to have a proper system to check timekeeping details. If you find that many of your employees have become lax about timekeeping and attendance, then it is time to have an effective system in place to check that. You can install self-service software that allows employees to record their clock in and out times. In addition, they can communicate their attendance issues and manage their respective schedules through their smart devices. This will reduce unwarranted confusion and avert conflicts. This will also help to prevent unfair overtime and ensure that the employees get adequately paid for doing their jobs in the correct way.

A good system also ensures that the workforce is not excessively fatigued that could result from unreasonable overtime shifts. The software can track employee schedules and can help HR personnel to ensure that the workers in the company get sufficient rest time. This will further cut back over-scheduling that could result in an unsafe work environment.

3) Leave Disagreements
Are your employees aware of your company’s leaves policy? Is the leave policy is compliant with state and central laws?
Annual leave policies are a regular point of contention. You should have a clear leave policy that is in accordance with the state and central laws. Having any uncertainty among the employees regarding the understanding of this policy leaves your company prone to leave disagreements.  This is again an opportunity to implement the right technology that will help you bring out a clear and fixed leave policy, leaving no scope for misinterpretation. Allow your employees to access to this policy on the company’s portal along with other policies of your company. In addition, install an automated system for your employees for submitting and seeking approval for leave requests.

4) Non-Compliance issues
The regulations set by the state and central government of the country should be strictly adhered to in the office. It is your responsibility to provide a safe and supporting environment for the employees. Whenever there is an employee grievance relating to bias, workplace harassment, parental leave, disability, or any other dispute that is directly related to compliance violations and employee, you should have all the supporting documents ready with you. It would be extremely beneficial if you have a comprehensive, yet easy employee relations policy. You can stay ahead of these common snags with automated software and effective communication to manage your business smoothly and keep day to day conflict to a minimal.

The last thing you would want to happen to your employees is to get injured while they were on the job. As a business owner, you should promote safety in the office premises; irrespective of the industry you operate in. This includes ensuring all the security equipment are in proper, working condition and are installed along with the safety measures in the right place. Keeping these things in mind will help you in running a happy and efficient workplace.

It is always advantageous to have an effective employee relations policy in place. This will benefit you in many ways such as avoiding payment and timekeeping violations, developing a safe work environment, and assisting with schedule management. In addition, you are providing your team members with a system to communicate easily and directly. This is the best way to make sure that have a well-organized and pleasant work environment that your employees enjoy working in. Protection Status
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