A recent study has revealed that beautiful spots across the country that are on the majority of people’s travel wish list of UK, Why?


Research conducted in the United Kingdom talks about the one of those locations where people want to go to or you can say Instagrammable locations in the United Kingdom.

The travelling behaviour influenced by social media

 The first time tries to highlight numerous factors about our travelling behaviour, social media how social media impacts us and how travel photography is an exceptionally key element nowadays.

The United Kingdom based wishlist

The article vehemence on one of those places which is in the Wishlist of every Traveller who wants to go to the UK.

  • These 20 places are considered to be the most Instagrammable location, Which consists Fort William, Scotland
  • Orkney, Scotland
  • Loch Awe, Scotland etc.

One thing is common about these locations are they are  extraordinarily photogenic. They have a very stunning backgrounds and they are part of nature or splendid architecture. 

Researchers highlighted  nature is everything

Researchers in the analysis discuss those places which are in the UK.  travelers  mainly choose such areas which have exquisite scenery and realistic magnificence which lead us to our conclusion that having a wishlist where nature meets the architecture is something which  people choose for travelling.


How research reach to conclusion

There were 2000 adults who participated in the research and around 51% answered back believed that the landscapes which have attractive perspectives along with nature and environment related  locations are those places where they want to go to in the UK.


What influences the wish list

51% of the people of the research asserted that they make this list based on the notion of the location as such they choose one of those landscapes or captivating Areas.Where pictures can be gorgeous.They are looking for visually appealing locations to capture their photos to post on social media or visit such places to enjoy their weekend or holiday.

What are most captured aspect of nature

some of the key aspects are how people choose or make their wishlist for their next trip or choose a location?  People commented that they wished to stop by

  •  those places which had ravishing sunsets or sunrise
  • absence of crowd
  • and one of those places which are closed to nature or part of nature.

There are other source elements  called attention to such as how people are so concerned about their next location?

How do they think their images  will look on social media?

Every place average image was taken around 15 photo per location establish by the research

which shows the prevalence of smartphone photography and desire to document everything through images and videos, also indicated towards social media behaviour. Most people who are active on social media try to visit one of those places where they can click mesmerizing  pictures and post them on social media.


The depth of analysis

how people will take pictures instantly under the 20 minutes it is posted online. it displays circumstance that how people keen to share their experience or travel experience online.

The UK’s 20 most Instagram-worthy destinations:

  • St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall
  • Isle of Skye, Scotland
  • The Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland
  • Fort William, Scotland
  • Orkney, Scotland
  • Loch Awe, Scotland
  • Wye Valley, Herefordshire
  • Old Harry Rocks, Dorset
  • Fair Isle, Shetlands
  • Llyn Penninsula, Wales
  • Rhossili, Wales
  • Pendennis Head/ Castle, Cornwall
  • Dunkery Beacon, Somerset
  • Shropshire Hills, Shropshire
  • Old Hunstanton, Norfolk
  • Blakeney, Norfolk
  • Frenchman’s Creek on Helford River, Cornwall
  • Riggs Moor, Yorkshire
  • Hound Tor, Dartmoor, Devon
  • Culver Down, Isle of Wight

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