5 Ways to avoid plagiarism in dissertation writing

5 Ways to avoid plagiarism in Dissertation writing

Dissertation writing is a sheer art form. This is where you should avoid common mistakes while writing the dissertation or thesis. There are certain things you need to follow in order to avoid plagiarism in dissertation writing. You should go through the steps rightly in order to produce a flawless and steady paper of the best sort.

Rule  One

First, it is essential that you save the data or the details for all the sources that you are using to form the research paper. Once you take the information from the specific source, you have to save or record all the relevant data and this can help you get back to the same when needed in the future

In order to avoid plagiarism in dissertation writing, you have to maintain a perfect list of all the sources. You can save the data in a file, you can maintain the same in the handwritten note or you can even use of the special software called Endnote.

In order to save the file by means of the software in dissertation writing, you need to apply the APA citation style. This you can do as part of the research, or you can even make use of the APA Citation Generator.

Rule Two 

In order to avoid plagiarism in dissertation writing you can quote, paraphrase or summarize things correctly. It is important that you make use of the researcher’s idea correctly and this is sure to be cited in the text.

The key factor is to avoid plagiarism, and you can check with the university or the thesis advisor to find out the percentage of the paper to be accepted or compromised in matters of dissertation writing. This will help in deciding what percentage of the paper would be accepted or would be compromised along with the quoted material.

In the sort of dissertation writing, you should not make use of too many quotes. This again can make you lose in percentage. In order to avoid plagiarism and make the dissertation writing look complete you should rather concentrate on expressing your own ideas rather than paraphrasing things.

It is important that you keep the quotes and the paraphrases organized. When you are writing you should highlight the text which is sure to express the ideas of the others and this should also include the quotes and this will make it easy to check and complete the citations rightly.

Rule Three

It is important that you include the correct citations and it is important that you complete the reference list. In the process of dissertation writing you can mention the idea from a different source, and this should come with the proper citation. This,

however, will correspond to the complete length reference as part of the literature list just where you end the dissertation writing. However, the formatting of the citations and the literature list is based on the designated style of citation. In case you are not sure regarding which style to adopt you can refer to the online given list of styles.

Dissertation writing without faults is a tough task to accomplish. However, when writing the paper it is not proper to cite everything that comes in the way. In certain cases, there is no need to cite the source from where you have taken the data.

For instance, when you are citing common knowledge there is no need to mention or cite the data source. This is evident in case of dissertation writing. There are negligible readers who would try to verify the authenticity of the given data. Thus, there is no need to cite everything that comes in hand.

Rule Four

In the form of dissertation writing you should sit to review in order to remove plagiarism. If you have followed the above-mentioned steps correctly, you should be able to present with plagiarism-free paper after you have completed things. Dissertation writing is not a normal essay writing. There are more things for you to take into account.

There are steps to follow in order to be sure that you have not plagiarized things accidentally. The part of the writing should be revised and paraphrased in the manner that all things should seem completely different from the original text.

In dissertation writing check all the quotes that have been correctly formatted. The things cited should come with the correct format and this should be according to the block quote format of the citation style. It is important to ensure that all citations that are included are well quoted, paraphrased and summarized.

There should be enough citations in the longer passages of the formatted text and these are places where you need to mention the source of information more than once. This is something vital to check with in the dissertation writing.

Rule Five

It is important to run a plagiarism check before the final submission of the dissertation writing. The technology will work with the scanning of the document in order to highlight certain passages of the text which are considered to be plagiarized.

It is important that you run the paper through the university level plagiarism checker before the submission and for this performing, oneself is the best idea. This is the best way one can avoid complete plagiarism in dissertation writing. There is an easy and safe plagiarism checker. On making use of the same, you can really make a mark while writing.

In the consequence of dissertation writing, you need to make use of the citation style that is applicable to the specific paper. In this case, your personal voice is prominent in the paper. The same thing is applicable when you sit to describe the ideas of the other researcher.

It is important that all quotes, the paraphrased contents, and the summaries are perfectly cited. In the process of dissertation writing, you should summarize and paraphrase things thoroughly. It is important to ensure that the wording manner is completely different from the authentic text. There is no similarity between the two.

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