10656NAT – Diploma of Enterprise Resource Planning


Course Title :- 10656NAT-Diploma of Enterprise Resource Planning

Course Code :- BSBPMG522-Undertake Project Work

Project Scenario : Open A New Fitness Studio In Sydney CBD

A group of investors GMSC Pty Ltd is launching a project to open a new Fitness Studio in Sydney CBD. The CFO has sponsored this new project and you have appointed yourself as Project Manager.

GMSC is currently operating a Vocational Institute but changes in legislation for the student’s Visa applications are making the current market less and less profitable. GMSC is currently using part of the Manning Building 5th and 2nd floor and will use to same premises to start the new business.

After consulting the ASQA, GMSC agreed to complete the current business operations at the end of 2018 Quarter 3.

The target for the new Fitness Studio is to serve people working in public and private offices in the Central Station area, from Monday-Friday. Opening hours will be between 6 AM and 8 PM. The expected offer to the customers will be Body Building, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, and General Fitness.

The project team will file in advance a Permit Request to the Council and perform all the preliminary tasks to be able to start the construction at the end of Q1. Final training is expected to start in June 2019 and the Fitness Studio to start to operate in early July.

A preliminary estimation, based upon a similar project, has provided an estimation of 1.2 M$.

TASK 1: General Knowledge Questions:

  1. Why is gathering requirements important in project management? Identify and describe 5 reasons.

The gathering of requirements is signified as one of the crucial processes in project management the reason because without gathering the requirement, it would virtually be impossible to meet the goals or objectives of the project successfully (Demirkesen & Ozorhon, 2017).

Additionally, requirement gather is responsible for providing the project team with the appropriate direction based on the identified consumer requirements.

Moreover, it helps identify the stakeholder demands and interests and thus plan the project accordingly (Heagney, 2016).

In addition to that, it helps the project team understand the requirements as well as the continents of the external stakeholders associated with the project (Heagney, 2016).

Requirement gathering signifies a lot in the management of a project since it helps estimate the time and budget needed to execute the project successfully (Demirkesen & Ozorhon, 2017).

2. People who are involved in or affected by project activities are? (Highlight the correct response)

  1. project managers
  2. project stakeholders
  3. project steering committee
  4. organisational employees

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