Zero tolerance toward violence vs. toughness with flexibility, which is essential for Canada?


Society should have some rules, laws, and, regulations to protect people from unwanted violence, attack, and maniacs.

The doctrine of “zero tolerance” means an approach or strategy that does not accept or authorize any level of specific demeanours or actions. In simple terms any unpleasant or destructive act. There is no universally acknowledged description, or explanation for the concept of zero tolerance. The American Heritage defines it as the procedure of not accepting anything which may seem or feel undesirable it could be illegal drug use or violence. The policy  pertains to the automatic imposition of extreme punishments or outcomes, even for minor or first-time offences.

The debate around what should be the approach to law enforcement should be based on zero tolerance and toughness with flexibility.

Recognizing that not all offenders are the same, the toughness with a flexible approach allows law enforcement officials to assess each situation on a case-by-case basis. It acknowledges that there may be underlying factors contributing to the offence, such as mental health issues, trauma, or substance abuse. By tailoring their responses accordingly, law enforcement can address these underlying issues and provide appropriate support or referrals to necessary resources

Acknowledging that not all lawbreakers or all crimes are identical, accepting that the crime and criminal can take place in certain circumstances.  toughness with a flexible technique entitles law enforcement administrators to evaluate each condition on a case-by-case basis. It points toward the notion that recognizes that there may be numerous layers behind any offens which pave the path to the offence. It can range from mental soundness problems to trauma, or drugs related issues. By examining their reactions, therefore, law administration and the officers can handle those  problems and equip reasonable approval or referrals to essential resources.

The justification of the approach of zero-tolerance generally sends a statement, a message, and a strong voice that anti-social behaviours will not be accepted. The policy gives a strong idea to those who commit such offences. Two major views around the zero-tolerance we can encounter. People who argue in Support of this kind of approach create policies, give warnings which help in maintaining limitations, and assure viscosity in enforcement to develop safe environment.

The group that criticizes and discusses encompassing zero-tolerance policies. These people say that the approach of zero tolerance can be the reason for unfair penalties. Even minors get strict punishment which can ruin their lives.

All around, the idea of zero tolerance contemplates a rigorous and persistent strategy for specific demeanours, to prevent any intense crime in society with harsh punishments.

The mixture of both approaches can be great for Canadian society as zero tolerance can be great for certain crimes although understanding the mindset of criminals or people who indulge in anti-social behaviour.


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