Who should decide when to stop life prolonging treatments?


Life prolonging treatment 

Life-prolonging treatment supports people to stay alive. Here we are going to underline how Life prolongs treatment and decisions regarding it and how advanced care Planning can take place.

When to provide?

 when someone is critically ill but there are opportunities that they can recover from it. It can be recovered for a temporary period or it can be recovered for a long period. Thus the treatment which is called life-prolonging treatment is given to the person when recovery is expected. the treatment includes ventilators or Dialysis machines to help the person to survive.

Who is going to decide?

 Let’s discuss the specific case of Australia where the decision maker or the Guardians Of the individual who is critically ill cannot demand something unreasonable or inappropriate treatment from the health care expert.

In simple terms, doctors can evaluate the patient’s situation and how their organs and their health are functioning. is there any chance of recovery or is it needed to provide a prolonged life system?

Then, doctor evaluation is very critical for utilizing the prolonged life treatment system where they improve the function and furnish with advanced machines and systematic relief to the person.

Advanced directive

If there is a chance of recovery from the patient, the Guardian and the family on their self cannot demand anything it depends on the doctor’s advice. There is a thing called an advanced directive where a person can provide their treatment preferences, can discuss the prolonged life treatment choices and their medical care.

Believe and values

 It is also a way to decide whether they need prolonged life treatment or not even if it provides people the opportunity based on values and their personal beliefs regarding prolonging treatment or not it depends on person to person and their decision making, goals, values, and beliefs.

Healthcare expert advice

 Need to consider, before taking any step it can depend from person to person if they qualify-prolonging e prolonging treatment, regardless always advise is that to the patient or the Guardian of the patient should go to a Healthcare advisor or health experts and discuss their treatment, illness and options and then take an informed decision.

sometimes the trial of the treatment or this kind of opportunity is also equipped before the commitment to go for life-prolonging treatment or not.

The overwhelming experience

As we know any medical facility, machine treatment and diagnosis can be a very overwhelming situation for the patient as well as the guardian of the patient or the family, but knowing and respecting the preference of the patient is also a significant aspect when it comes to life-prolonging treatment.

The drawbacks with the benefits of life longing treatment

It can enhance the situation of the person and improve the quality nonetheless it also comes with the issues of staying in a hospital,  having stress, and even individual circumstances which can influence it.

The types of prolonged life treatment

The treatment of prolonged life systems includes artificial ventilation, dialysis, feeding through food pipes, and CPR. These can be based on the medical condition and the personal situation.

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