What is sign language and how does it help to deaf?


The significance of 23rd September

One of the most significant days is celebrated on September 23rd every year. This day is dedicated to a language which is Sign language.

The exquisite language

you must have heard about sign language and this day is celebrated and supported by the United Nations as they enjoy commencing awareness regarding sign language.

The rights of language?

This day is constructed to celebrate the beauty and the rights of deaf people. If more and more people have an understanding towards the language it will be more feasible for deaf people to function in society.

The World Federation of Deaf

First of all, you have to know about the Federation of the Deaf (WFD)which was established on 23rd September 1951.

The function of the federation

This Federation is working towards the rights of deaf people and it proposed the idea that the United Nations should celebrate the 23rd of September as the International Day of Language which has two significance.

 It is the same day when the World Federation of the deaf was founded and it is a day to let the UN realize that sign language is extremely meaningful. In 2017 the United Nations officially recognised this day and it is now celebrated as the International Day of Sign Language.

United nation and Article 21

This day also has implications when it comes to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

 here in this particular convention article 21 Emphasizes that every Nation has to make some efforts to facilitate sign language.

This is designed in such a manner and this is to create awareness and promote sign language as it is a fundamental aspect when it comes to human rights and linguistic diversity.

Sign language and its types

Sign language will permit you to communicate with those people who are not apt to understand our spoken language, sign language has diversity.

You will be delighted to know there is no Universal signed language rather there are 290 distinct sign languages utilized by the community of deaf people worldwide. Each language has its variation, it consists of grammar, vocabulary and making it an extremely natural language.it is no different than the spoken language it has its complexity and virtue.

The year 2023 And WFD

 In the year 2023 the International Day of Sign Languages was celebrated. It allowed deaf people to make their language more prevalent in society, authorizing them to be included in society.

The World Federation of the Deaf is going to be promoting sign language along with the United Nations Convention on Disability. This will create awareness and opportunities to learn this language. They urge at least people to learn their National sign language and 50% of young children to understand the language.

The conclusion

In conclusion, we can say that the International Day of Sign Language is an important opportunity to recognise that language is quite integral.  although it did not get its due respect and it should be compulsory in all of the educational institutions to teach children to sign language as they will develop the ability and compassion towards people with disabilities.

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