What is it like to experience social anxiety?


What is social anxiety?

Social anxiety disorder is a common type of anxiety disorder in which people experience worry and panic in settings where they feel probable inspection, appraisal, or judgement from others. Public speaking, meeting new people, dating, job interviews, class participation, and even ordinary actions like dining in front of others or using a public lavatory are examples of such scenarios.

signs and symptoms

The signs and symptoms of social anxiety disorder can deviate in stringency and presentation from person to person.

If we focus on the Physical symptoms it can vary from person to person some can have all the symptoms some have a few lesser. Some common symptoms like Blushing, sweating, or shivering in social circumstances. It can be accompanied by a Rapid heart pace or palpitations. Some people may feel Nausea or abdomen distress. It can also have an impact on you Feeling light-headedness or dizziness. one of the most common can be Muscle tension or trembling.

The great fear of being insulted, discomfited, or harshly judged.

Intense self-consciousness draws further attention to one’s actions or demeanour.

Worrying excessively about social interactions prior to, during, and after the event.

Fear of making mistakes or becoming the focus of attention.

Difficulty concentrating or having a “blank mind” in social situations.

What kind of impact did it leave with you?

The terror associated with social anxiety disorder can be so acute that people believe they have no control over it. It may impair their capacity to work, attend school, or engage in daily activities. Some people may continue to engage in these activities while experiencing severe dread and anxiety. People suffering with social anxiety disorder may worry excessively about forthcoming social situations, prompting them to avoid locations or events that cause anguish and feelings of humiliation.

How does it hamper your performance?

In certain circumstances, social anxiety disorder is associated with performance rather than social interactions. When giving a speech, competing in sports, or performing on stage, such as playing a musical instrument, people may suffer anxiety symptoms.

How does it emerge?

Social anxiety disorder typically emerges during late childhood and may resemble extreme shyness or a tendency to avoid social situations. It is more commonly observed in females than in males, with the gender difference being more pronounced during adolescence and young adulthood. Without proper treatment, social anxiety disorder can persist for many years, potentially lasting a lifetime.

If you feel you may be suffering from a social anxiety disorder, you must consult with a healthcare specialist for an assessment and diagnosis. They will go through your medical history with you and may do a physical check to rule out any underlying physical disorders that might be causing your symptoms. If they diagnosed you with social anxiety they will tell you the appropriate medication and procedure to reduce the symptoms as well as the disorder.


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